Hillary Clinton Went On Univision And It Was Everything You Would Expect

Credit: Univision/YouTube

It was everything you would expect.

The election is less than two weeks away, and the candidates are making their final push. Both candidates are spending extra time in Florida; Donald Trump, who needs to win the state but probably won’t, held a rally in Tallahassee. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is making a final push to reach out to Latino voters. So naturally, she went to Univision’s top gossip show “El Gordo Y La Flaca.” Surprisingly, Lili Estefan and Raul De Molina asked complex and insightful questions.

Nah, I’m just playing. They embarrassed themselves.

Aside from the gimme immigration reform questions, the majority of the conversation focused on Hillary’s preferred cuisine (she said she loves Mexican food because of course) and how her granddaughter is learning Spanish (fun fact: Hillary Clinton’s granddaughter is named Xochitl.*).

Oh and there was dancing involved.

Oh and a mariachi band.

Surprisingly absent from Hillary’s visit was Raul De Molina’s trademark jacuzzi segment.

Credit: Univision/YouTube

To “El Gordo Y La Flaca”s  credit, the segment appears to have worked. In Florida, there’s been a 99 percent increase in early Latino voting.


LOL just playin’ fam. No one watches Univision anymore.

*Not her actual name.

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If You Love Avocados, This Might Be Hard To Swallow

Things That Matter

If You Love Avocados, This Might Be Hard To Swallow


I hope you’ve got avocados stockpiled. This week, Mexican avocado farmers went on strike, creating a possible shortage in the U.S. Prices are expected to quadruple in the next few days, if not already, and everyone is freaking out. And why not? Considering we consume nearly 45 million pounds of avocados every week, it’s safe to say our way of life is *threatened* by this news. Let’s take a look at what your world might look like with out avocados. Warning, if you’re a food blogger or a fan of cultural appropriation, this might be difficult to digest.

Without avocado, guacamole would just be pico de gallo.

CREDIT: ashton.stacyashyjimenez / Instagram

Fun fact: The Nahuatl people of Central America called the avocado “ahuacatl,” which means “testicle.”

Without avocados, websites like Pinterest and Etsy would probably shut down.



Fun fact: Young avocado trees can consume 80 gallons of water per week. Humans, on the other hand, consume about six gallons per week.

And these YouTube how-to videos wouldn’t be so adorable.


Fun fact: The ground sloth, an extinct animal, loved avocados.

Without avocados, “Mexican Hamburgers” would just be “hamburgers.”

CREDIT: WOODLIFE883r / Instagram

Fun fact: In 2014, the U.S. consumed over 4 billion avocados.

And fast food restaurants wouldn’t be able to ironically make their food taste better.


Fun fact: Over 50% of the worlds avocados come from Central and South America.

Without avocados, people wouldn’t be able to horrify babies on the internet.

CREDIT: Baby Love TV / YouTUBE

Fun fact: Putting an unripe avocado into a bag with a banana or apple will cause it to ripen faster.

Without avocados, your dad wouldn’t be able to scare the sh*t out of you with his new face mask.

CREDIT: Hanselhessohotrightnow / IMGUR

Fun fact: In South America, people create rat poison using the pit of an avocado as one of its main ingredients.

Without avocados, artists might not realize their true calling.

Avocado drawing


Perhaps the next Bob Ross?

And the world would be a less beautiful place.

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Fun fact: Humans have eaten avocados since 8,000 B.C.

Without avocados, my dream car wouldn’t exist.


I imagine this gets at least 50 smiles to the gallon.

Without avocados, this squirrel’s life would be incomplete.

In case anyone likes pics of squirrels or avocado

CREDIT: Markazali / IMGUR

And this turtle would just be a boring old turtle.

Fun fact: Recent scientific discoveries have shown that avocados have an anti-aging effect in lab mice.

A world with no avocados is a miserable world indeed.


Please don’t go away, avocado.

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