You Won’t Believe Who Won And Who Lost The Latino Vote In The Florida Primary

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The recent primary vote in Florida has given the country even more insight on the ever elusive Latino vote. With two Latino candidates on the Republican side and two Democratic candidates trying to prove who is more down with the brown, everyone’s eyes were on Latinos in the Sunshine State. So what happened? Let’s break it down for you.

Hillary Clinton won the Democratic primary by a HUGE margin, like, she totally annihilated Bernie Sanders.

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Clinton beat Sanders 1,097,400 votes (64.4 percent) to  his 566,603 (33.3 percent) votes, according to CNN.

Hills was probably feeling a lot like this.

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But, how did she do with the Latino vote?

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You might be surprised.

72 percent of Latinos who voted Democrat picked the former Secretary of State, compared to the 28 percent that voted for Sanders.

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It wasn’t just Latinos. Clinton won in EVERY demographic except white men.

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That said, the white male vote in Florida was pretty evenly split.

On the other side, Donald Trump won the Florida Republican primary like it was nothing.

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Marco Rubio couldn’t even win his home state.

Trump won every county in Florida except for Miami-Dade, which went to Marco Rubio.

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The real question is, how did Trump do with Latinos?

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Brace yourself.

The good news: he did NOT win the Florida Latino vote.


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The only group that Rubio was able to win was Latinos, getting 52 percent of the total vote. #PraiseTheUniverse

The bad news: Trump came in second place with 26 percent, followed by Ted Cruz at 15 percent.

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Real talk: if Latinos prefer Trump over Cruz, is the Canadian-born son of a Cuban immigrant really the candidate to stop the GOP frontrunner?

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Only time and a possibly contested convention will tell.

Seems like the general election will come down to Clinton and Trump leaving both parties feeling a little like this:

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What is happening in American politics this year?

Register to vote today by downloading the Latinos Vote app for iOS and Android. Our voice matters. #WeAreAmerica

This Little Brazilian Boy Is Crushed When He Realizes His Mom Was About To Cook An Actual Chicken


This Little Brazilian Boy Is Crushed When He Realizes His Mom Was About To Cook An Actual Chicken

Renata Ferreira / Facebook

Brazilian mother Renata Ferreira, of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, was just making her family some lunch when her son, Vitor, decided enough was enough with the animal cruelty in the house. This was the day it would all end. This was the day he would stand up and protect the poor little chicken. Even if the head was missing, this was the day he was ready for a long stand off in hopes of making a new chicken friend.

It all starts with little Vitor making some pretty tough demands.

Credit: Best Video You Will Ever See / Facebook

And his mother counters with some sound logic.

Credit: Best Video You Will Ever See / Facebook

But, Vitor is just a child and logic means nothing when it comes to his new pet and best friend.

Credit: Best Video You Will Ever See / Facebook

At one point, it looks like all is lost and Vitor starts to accept his defeat.

Credit: Best Video You Will Ever See / Facebook

But no one said he was accepting his defeat gracefully.

Credit: Best Video You Will Ever See / Facebook

So, what does mommy do in the situation? Some good, old-fashion bargaining.

Credit: Best Video You Will Ever See / Facebook

But it doesn’t seem like it is quite enough for the little dude and the stand off continues.

Credit: Best Video You Will Ever See / Facebook

Watch the full standoff below:

Little Boy wants his Mommy to Leave the Chicken aloneThis sensitive boy wants his mom to leave the chicken alone…

“I will take care of her.” <3

Posted by Best Video You Will Ever See on Sunday, March 13, 2016

Credit: Best Video You Will Ever See / Facebook

How adorable is Vitor as he tries to save the already gone life of his little chicken buddy? Share this story with your friends by tapping that share button below and give everyone the warm and fuzzy feels!

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