#NotMyAbuela Starts Trending After Hillary Clinton Site Compares Her to Abuelas

Is Hillary Clinton just like your abuelita? The Democratic presidential hopeful sure thinks so. Clinton’s official site recently published this story:

just-like-your-abuela giphy-2

Yes, it’s true.

The story features items like this…

Credit: hillaryclinton.com

And this.

Credit: hillaryclinton.com

And it ends with a familiar face:marc-anthony

Credit: hillaryclinton.com

The Clinton was probably hoping a bit of light-hearted fun would help her image with Latinos, but the move appears to have backfired. The backlash soon began bubbling on Twitter with the hashtag #NotMyAbuela:

And many didn’t like the idea of their abuelas being used to score political points with Latinos.


Soon, people began listing the reasons why their abuelas were nothing like Hillary Clinton:

Some shared personal stores of immigration…

While others set their crosshairs on Hillary Clinton:

Some couldn’t help but LOL at the Clinton campaign:

Others couldn’t help but make you LOL:

And this tweet pretty much summed up #NotMyAbuela:

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9 Latinas Who Kicked Ass in 2015


9 Latinas Who Kicked Ass in 2015

Jason Merritt / Getty

This is it, the year is coming to an end (¿ya?!). And once again, Latinas were making headlines throughout 2015. To help you give el año viejo a proper goodbye, we’ve put together a list of kick-ass women who made us all super proud of being Latinos this year.

Demi Lovato

A photo posted by Demi Lovato (@ddlovato) on

After several battles with body image, the 23-year-old pop singer from Texas stripped down to nada to send a clear “love your body as it is” message. She did so while mourning the death of her abuelo, Buddy Moore, who died the day before. That’s strength.

Sofía Vergara

La Colombiana remains the highest-paid actress on American TV with a $28.5 million annual income, which doesn’t include revenue from her jewelry line, brand endorsements or modeling gigs. She recently tied the knot to Joe Manganiello in a fairy tale ceremony that proved money does buy the finest things in life (in Hollywood).

Gina Rodriguez

The charming Jane the Virgin star took home a collection of awards during this year for her role of young Jane, including a Golden Globe, an Emmy, a Dorian award and an Imagen Award.

Ana Tijoux

A photo posted by anatijoux (@anatijoux) on

In 2015, the rapper-singer won four Premios Pulsar in her native Chile, but it’s her constant compromiso with social causes – like the student and the Mapuche movements in South America – that have turned her into a leader and an example to follow.

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Amanda Renteria

She was the first Latina Chief of Staff in the history of the U.S. Senate and this year. Renteria became the driving force behind Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign as National Political Director. She knows she’s a role model and she told Latina magazine she couldn’t have done it alone: “There were Latinas who opened the door for me, and I need to keep it open for others.”

Jessica Alba

Alba only appeared in two movies this year: she played a supporting role in Barely Lethal and made a cameo in Entourage. That’s because she’s more CEO than actor these days. Her organic, environmentally-friendly Honest Company reached a $1.7 billion value in August of 2015. ???

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Dascha Polanco

A photo posted by SHEISDASH (@sheisdash) on

This Dominican from Brooklyn tried to bury her desire to be an actor, believing her curvy figure wouldn’t be accepted in Hollywood. Netflix proved her wrong when her character, Daya Diaz, went from a recurring role to a series regular in the third season of Orange is the New Black. Oh yeah, Polanco also nailed a spot with the NFL Women’s apparel line (¡Que vivan las curvas!). 

Gloria Emilce Martinez “Goyo”

All the way from Quibdó, Chocó – on the Pacific coast of Colombia – to Los Angeles, super-talented Goyo led her band ChoQuibTown to its second Latin Grammy award this year. Fine, it’s not JUST hers, but she’s most certainly responsible for the band’s feminine flavor.

Eva Longoria

A photo posted by Eva Longoria (@evalongoria) on

The former Desperate Housewife from Corpus Christi took on another project with Telenovela, a series which pokes fun at the ridiculous world of Latino soap operas. She also inked a deal with Sunrise Brands for her own athletic sportswear line and continues her tireless activism efforts. Oh, and she just got engaged to the love of her life. 

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