#NotMyAbuela Starts Trending After Hillary Clinton Site Compares Her to Abuelas

Is Hillary Clinton just like your abuelita? The Democratic presidential hopeful sure thinks so. Clinton’s official site recently published this story:

The story features items like this…

Credit: hillaryclinton.com

And this.

Credit: hillaryclinton.com

And it ends with a familiar face:

Credit: hillaryclinton.com

The Clinton was probably hoping a bit of light-hearted fun would help her image with Latinos, but the move appears to have backfired. The backlash soon began bubbling on Twitter with the hashtag #NotMyAbuela:

And many didn’t like the idea of their abuelas being used to score political points with Latinos.


Soon, people began listing the reasons why their abuelas were nothing like Hillary Clinton:

Some shared personal stores of immigration…

While others set their crosshairs on Hillary Clinton:

Some couldn’t help but LOL at the Clinton campaign:

Others couldn’t help but make you LOL:

And this tweet pretty much summed up #NotMyAbuela:

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