Hillary Clinton vs. Marco Rubio: Their Social Media Report Cards

The 2008 Barack Obama campaign was the first in history to use social media to win a presidential race. With over 3 million supporters on Facebook and over 50 million views on YouTube, his social media strategy smoked the competition. How are this election’s candidates stacking up? Here’s a first look at Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio’s social media report cards.


Hillary Clinton: B-

Marco Rubio: B+


Hillary Clinton: B

Credit: Facebook / Hillary Clinton

A few hours after making her announcement on Sunday, Clinton joined Facebook. In just 24 hours she hit 642,144 likes and over 2 million views on her kickoff video. Not bad for a newbie, right? Her feed started off as a list of her milestones, but since kicking off her road trip, Clinton’s Facebook feed is starting to include pictures of the people she’s meeting and the conversations she’s having along the way. Think she’ll check-in next time she stops at a Chipotle?

Marco Rubio: C

Credit: Facebook / Marco Rubio

On the flip side, Rubio can be called a Facebook vet with an account that dates back to 2009. However, his growth isn’t as impressive with only 753,509 likes in it’s six-year span. His anti-Obama and Rubio merchandise posts may account for most of those likes. Lets keep it classy, Rubio.


Hillary Clinton: A-

Credit: Hillary Clinton/YouTube

Clinton gave the first glimpse of her political campaign via a YouTube video that appealed to everyday working American families of all sizes and color. She used her 30 seconds on camera to highlight that she wants to be the “champion” of the everyday Americans. What got ears to perk up, however, was the subtle, yet noticeable use of Spanish to attract Latino voters. Well played Hillary, well played.

Marco Rubio: C+

Credit: Marco Rubio/YouTube

Rubio quickly contested with his own video – a mashup of previous speeches – pledging to move forward into “a new American century” where the next generation will inherit “what they deserve.” Rubio didn’t speak Spanish, but he did include a clip reminding viewers he comes from a working-class family and is the son of a former bartender and maid. This collage of clips has a feel of an assignment that was done the night before.

Instagram, Snapchat, Vine and Flipboard

Hillary Clinton: Grade In Progress…

It’s evident that Clinton is late to the social media game and she’s still absent from newer platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. Hopefully her new publicist, Kristina Schake, the woman responsible for Michelle Obama’s dance moves on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, will get her up to speed. Oh, and she’s not the only tech-savvy woman on Clinton’s team. Google executive and former Facebook product manager, Stephanie Hannon is charged with running her technology operations. With a team like that, we’re sure she’ll be dominating the social feeds in no time.

Marco Rubio: A-

Credit:  marcorubio16/Snapchat

Rubio’s definitely ahead of the game. Back in June, his team announced they were rolling out even more social media accounts to grow engagement and allow people to “easily discover” content. Their social portfolio expanded to include Instagram, Snapchat, Vine – all which are heavily consumed by millennials. Rubio took it a step further to become the first senator to launch his official Flipboard account.

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Hillary Clinton: A

980x (1)
Credit: Hillary Clinton

Clinton sprinkled a few Spanish words in her YouTube video and Twitter feed, but she really outdid herself unveiling an entirely Spanish site. Everything from her slogan to her bio is en español appealing to Latino voters. Don’t miss her surprisingly punny 404 page. Check it out here.

Marco Rubio: B

980x (2)
Credit: Marco Rubio

Rubio’s site doesn’t have an entire Spanish version, but there is an en Español button under his biography as well as his wife’s. His page is loaded with content with everything from videos of his speeches, to thorough information about his stance in Iran and again takes more jabs at President Obama. Apparently playing with puns on 404 pages is a thing because he also gave it a shot. See his version here.

Tumblr Street Cred

Hillary Clinton: B+

Credit: Tumblr / Texts From Hillary

Clinton unknowingly upped her cool factor after Diana Walker captured her in sunglasses, checking her blackberry on a military plane to Tripoli, Libya in 2011. The picture went viral and opened the door for hundreds of memes to be created and caption imaginary conversations with pop culture icons like Lady Gaga, Jay Z and everyone in between. But the coolness factor doesn’t stop there. Adam Smith and Stacy Lambe launched Texts from Hillary for one week, posted 32 times and got 83,000 shares on Facebook and over 45,000 Tumblr followers. It also gained mention from Morning Edition and ?uest Love. It doesn’t get cooler than that.

Marco Rubio: C


J.Lo’s Social Media Challenge Has Backfired Spectacularly And People Are Having Too Much Fun


J.Lo’s Social Media Challenge Has Backfired Spectacularly And People Are Having Too Much Fun

@jlo / Twitter

Social media challenges are everywhere and some of them are super fun. However, J.Lo’s attempt to create a social media challenge for the anniversary of her song “Love Don’t Cost A Thing.” The challenge has drawn more trolling responses than genuine and here’s why.

J.Lo was probably expecting a different reaction to #LoveDontCostAThingChallenge.

J.Lo’s song “Love Don’t Cost A Thing” was released 20 years ago and it was a very important moment in Latino pop culture. We all know the song by heart and if you say you don’t then you aren’t being honest. Yet, J.Lo’s way of trying to celebrate the song’s release is, well, bizarre. We should keep in mind that we are dealing with an ongoing pandemic and it is winter, but J.Lo wants you to find a beach, walk around, and through your clothes and jewelry everywhere?

In fact, one of the responses questioning the challenge has more likes than the original post.

J.Lo literally just walked on the beach and threw her jewelry and clothing around. Like, what is happening here? There are so many questions right now and the text of the original tweet offers no real guidance. How is this a fun challenge?

@_nellerita makes a good point. We don’t have valuables that we can just throw around for a social media challenge. Most challenges involve dances, which gives a set parameter of what to do. This is just too open ended and, quite frankly, a wild concept.

Legit, people have a lot of questions about what is happening with the challenge and the tossing of jewelry.

A lot of people don’t have jewelry just laying around, tbh. We might have an Apple watch that is the only real thing we wear but why would we throw it? It is clear that J.Lo was hoping to see people recreate the iconic scene of the music video when she stripped down to go into the water. While the moment is iconic, it is something that we are not super eager to recreate as we stay isolated during this Covid winter.

Overwhelmingly, this has been the reaction to the #LoveDontCostAThingChallenge.

Most of Twitter is just sitting there trying to figure out what exactly is going on with J.Lo and her challenge. We appreciate someone getting people involved and mobilized. We also want to see our people succeed. However, some things need to be thought out a little bit more than this social media challenge.

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Parler Is Back Online But All Traffic Is Being Routed Through Russian Servers

Things That Matter

Parler Is Back Online But All Traffic Is Being Routed Through Russian Servers

Photo Illustration by Thiago Prudêncio / SOPA Images / LightRocket via Getty Images

Parler, the alt-right social media platform, is back in business. Of course, the app is not supported by American companies. The app is now running all of its information through Russian servers.

Parler is running again thanks to the help of Russian servers.

Parler faced quick discipline after the Capitol riot on Jan. 6. The social media platform was one of the key tools organizers of the riot used to organize and mobilize. Amazon, Apple, and Google all stopped carrying Parler, essentially ending the social media platform’s ability to keep running. Parler tried to sue Amazon Web Services to pick up the app again to allow it to continue but a judge ruled against the platform.

“The court rejects any suggestion that the public interest favors requiring AWS to host the incendiary speech that the record shows some of Parler’s users have engaged in,” U.S. District Judge Barbara Rothstein wrote in the order. “At this stage, on the showing made thus far, neither the public interest nor the balance of equities favors granting an injunction in this case.”

The Russian-backed servers are only providing partial support but it’s a slippery slope.

Parler has hired DDoS-Guard, is a Russian digital infrastructure company that threw the platform a lifeline. While the server is only providing a defense against denial-of-service, critics are concerned that it still poses a significant risk. All of the traffic on Parler is going through those servers leaving the users vulnerable to Russian surveillance.

“Now seems like the right time to remind you all—both lovers and haters—why we started this platform,” reads Parler’s current homepage. “We believe privacy is paramount and free speech essential … We will resolve any challenge before us and plan to welcome all of you back soon.”

DDoS-Guard has a history of working with racist and far-right groups.

CEO John Matze is confident that the app will be fully restored by the end of January. The social media app has been banned and dropped from major American tech companies after the insurrection. Amazon will not restore the app but the app has said that they retrieved their info from Amazon.

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