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Everyone’s Favorite Mexican Explains Who He’s Voting For

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The world’s most famous “wait, he’s Mexican?” was on Conan last night to talk about the avocado shortage. Just kidding, he was there to talk about the election. When asked by O’Brien, Louis CK said that he was planning on voting for Hillary Clinton and then went on a hilarious explicatory rant on why he’s with her. Surprisingly, the comedian doesn’t see this as being a vote for the lesser of two evils, and instead makes the case that Clinton being a mom makes her extremely qualified for the job. Air tight logic TBH.

All joking aside, the election is less than one week away, so please, please, please get out to vote. In most states, you get up to 2 hours of paid time off for voting, so take full advantage of that.

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Diego Luna Takes A Knee On ‘Conan’ And Gets Emotional About Mexico Earthquake


Diego Luna Takes A Knee On ‘Conan’ And Gets Emotional About Mexico Earthquake

Team Coco / YouTube

Mexican actor Diego Luna appeared on “Conan” last night and relayed his experience with the earthquake that hit central Mexico on Sept. 19. It was the first televised interview that Luna has given since he began relief efforts to help those affected by the quake. He also spoke in depth about why he and his pal Gael Garcia Bernal decided to create their own fundraiser for Mexico, which made the interview take a more political tone.

Luna said he experienced the big earthquake that hit Mexico in 1985, and revealed that he happened to be in Mexico City this for this quake as well. Luna said due to his previous experience, he felt somewhat prepared for big earthquakes and even tried to lighten the mood by telling jokes after they had all gotten outside. It wasn’t until the earthquake was over that Luna was able to take in how much destruction was caused by the quake.

“It was so scary and devastating, and we ran out and there was a building that fell — like, half a block away from where we were,” said Luna. “The beautiful thing is you would imagine people would be running away from this cloud, you know? But here it was the opposite. Everyone running towards the cloud to trying to get there to save someone, to save a dog. to try to see if there was anything you could do to help those what were — that were there.”

Luna said he and Gael Garcia Bernal started the grassroots relief efforts because the Mexican people cannot count on the government.

Luna said watching Mexicans come together to help each other moments after the earthquake hit was a beautiful thing to witness, which some might not expect by a country infamous for crime and fraud. “It happens in such a corrupt country like ours where you know the Mexican government won’t get there, so it has to be you. Everyone is helping. Everyone has solidarity. Everyone is caring about each other… it’s the Mexico I feel proud of, it’s the Mexico that I belong to.”

Luna said the money collected through his fundraiser is going directly to the people.


Luna said they’ve created a team of people that will thoroughly investigate which organizations need the most help and make sure the money goes directly there.

“This is not a thing that ends in a week, or two, or three,” Luna said, adding, “There’s still buildings in Mexico that haven’t been rebuilt from the earthquake in 85. So it’s going to take time.” He added, “We need a lot of money, and we hope you can donate and be part of this beautiful effort to give love to those who today lost everything.”

During the interview, while Luna was talking about the corruption in Mexico, Conan O’Brien took a light-hearted jab at the Trump administration, saying: “Unlike this country, where we trust our government.”

“Should I go on one knee?” Luna asked. “I don’t want to get kicked off your show.”

This exchange prompted Luna to take a knee.


He kneeled for a while as the audience clapped, and O’Brien made a joke saying “people tuning in right now think you are proposing.” Luna quickly got up.

Click here to learn more about his fundraiser and to donate.

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Watch Chicano Batman Absolutely Kill It With A Live Performance On ‘Conan’


Watch Chicano Batman Absolutely Kill It With A Live Performance On ‘Conan’

Credit: Team Coco / YouTube

Chicano Batman made their late night debut last night on “Conan” and the Los Angeles foursome brought the house down with their magical sounds. Wearing their signature ruffled shirts and suits, the Los Angeles natives played “Friendship (Is A Small Boat In A Storm)” from their third album “Freedom Is Free.”

Lead singer Bardo Martinez was hyped up during the performance, as were the rest of the band. They were clearly not nervous at all.

So did the guys have a good time? We’d say so.

Carlos & #conan Catch us on @teamcoco at 11:55pm ET

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The guys are still on tour, promoting their latest release, and are headed to Mexico in mid June.

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