Hillary Clinton Was Asked about this Race-Related Question and Here’s How She Answered

During the audience Q&A section of Fusion’s 2016 Brown & Black Democratic Presidential Forum, Hillary Clinton was asked a question she probably wasn’t expecting…

Thalia Anguiano, a junior at Drake University, asked Clinton about her white privilege.

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“Secretary Clinton, can you tell us what the term white privilege means to you and can you give me an example from your life or career when you think you have benefited from it,” Anguiano asked the Democratic presidential candidate.

Everyone get very excited for Clinton’s answer.

Good Question
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Girl even impressed Jorge Ramos, and she knew it.

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Go back and look at Ramos shift in his seat like, “THIS IS GONNA BE GOOD.”

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“Where do I start,” Clinton began.

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“It is hard when you are swimming in the ocean to know exactly what is happening around you so much as it is when you are standing on the shore perhaps watching,” Clinton said.

She then spent some time talking about being raised in a white middle-class family in middle America with opportunities to go to great schools and attend a great college.

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“I never really knew what was or wasn’t part of the privilege, I just knew that I was a lucky person,” Clinton said. “And that being lucky was in part related to who I am, where I’m from, and the opportunities I had.”

And she used that as a segue to bring up the story of babysitting the children of migrant workers – a story she’s told several times.

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“When I was about 11 years old, our church asked if some of us would volunteer to babysit for the children of migrant workers on Saturdays,” Clinton recalled. “Because the families had to go into the fields and the older kids had to go with them and there was nobody left to watch the little kids.”

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It seemed like people in the audience were like:

Credit: Parks & Recreation / NBC / SHIFTGOTSTUCK / Reddit

How does babysitting someone make you realize white privilege at the age of 11?

Watch Hillary Clinton’s full answer below:

Credit: Fusion / YouTube

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