Mexico Might be Saving Lives By Making Soda Really Expensive

Guys, we have a problem. A big sweet addiction that has gotten out of control. It’s soda. Drinking can after can of soda, and other sugary drinks, is considered a big culprit leading to high obesity and diabetes rates. Mexico certainly believes this as it looks at it’s population where 70 percent of adults are overweight and a third are considered obese.

In an effort to decrease these rates, the Mexican government did something most would consider drastic back in 2013. To the horror of most, the government decided to pass a soda tax that would increase the price of bottles and cans by about 10 percent.

Two years later, the results are coming in and it’s looking good. In the New York Timesarticle, it says there has been a decrease in soda consumption, especially in low-income communities. Other’s are taking note of these initial findings.

Given the high obesity rates in this country, it’s a law that the United States has been contemplating for more than a decade, but the lack of proven results and the fight with the soda industry has stopped any efforts. Now that Mexico is showing decreasing sales — although the verdict is still out on whether the obesity and diabetes rates are lower — and for the sake of a healthy population, it might be a good idea to see what happens in this country when there’s a soda tax.

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