Helado Negro’s “It’s My Brown Skin” Is The Anthem We Need Right Now


With the recent release of his new album “Private Energy,” Helado Negro is quickly becoming one of the biggest advocates for Latino pride. His track “It’s My Brown Skin” is where that pride shines brightest, opening with the lines, “My skin glows in the dark shines in the light. It’s the color that holds me tight. My brown me is the shade that’s just for me.” The lyrics surf across a warm melody that’s as soothing as it is healing, like a much needed hug after a bad day. And with the political climate so cynical and anti-brown skin these days, a hug is totally welcome. Roberto Carlos Lange, the Ecuadorian-American who goes by Helado Negro, explained his motivation for the track in a recent interview with Vibe:

“[It’s My Brown Skin] is a song I thought of as a children’s song and also something romantic. It’s about the resilience of our skin, how it can stretch, grow, heal and scar.”


“Private Energy” also features Helado Negro’s “Young, Latin, and Proud,” a track that embraces sincere positivity for one’s own identity. “It feels good to be brown,” Lange explained to Vibe. “And I want all the other people who live in the United States who might be fear that their brown skin brings them trouble to use this as a meditation or a mantra.” Released on October 7, “Positive Energy” is available for purchase through Helado Negro’s Bandcamp, where you can check out the entire album before buying. Helado is also touring to promote the album, so check out his website for details on where he’ll be performing.

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Cinco Cosas That Your Mom Has Pretty Much Always Told You To Do


Cinco Cosas That Your Mom Has Pretty Much Always Told You To Do

No matter how much we want to fight it, our moms and grandmothers know what’s up. Sure, you might not need a sueter (sweater) when it’s 100 degrees outside, but there’s always some truth to everything our mommas tell us. When it comes to our dreams, you can always count on your momma to boost your spirits and confidence when you need it most. Here are 5 positive switches you can do in your life rn that your mom has pretty much always told you to do. And just like your mom’s positive advice is essential to your success, Boost Mobile can be a valuable tool to help you get where you need to be.

1. Love yourself as much as your ‘amá loves you

They say a mother’s love is unconditional, so why wouldn’t you love yourself just as much? I mean, duhhhh you’re badassssss! Loving yourself is probably the most important change you can make because when you accept and embrace your unique self, everything starts falling into place. Plus, believing in yourself will really help you overcome any challenges and setbacks you may experience when following your dreams. Self confidence is EVERYTHING, don’t take it lightly.

2. Block out the haters aka “no les hagas caso” (don’t listen to them)

You want to be a latino-snacks blogger, or make norteñas about your love of tacos? Go for it! Don’t let the jealousy, envy, and hate from all those salty people hold you back. Who cares what your tía chismosa says or thinks about your dream, just spray some hater repellent and, like your mom always says, “que te valga madre” (don’t give a damn), and focus on doing you. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life!

3. Drink more agua, come más…saludable (eat healthier), and muévelo

But really, don’t skip this one! When your mom asks you, “ya comiste,” it’s because she knoooows how important it is to take care of your body. There are soooo many reasons why a healthy diet and physical activity will help you live your best self. For one, it makes your body feel great (and sexy too), but it also teaches you discipline and mental stamina—all of which are qualities you need to achieve your dreams. We’re not saying you should become vegan or bench press 300 pounds, start small—like cutting back on caffeine, reaching for water instead of a diet soda, and getting some extra steps in by parking far. What’s important is for you to do what works best for you, and if you need a little reminder to drink more water, eat healthier, and/or track your physical activity there are plenty of apps that do just that. Check them out!

4. Never stop learning

Always strive to be the best. No matter what you do, work hard to be el más chingon (the best). And in order to do that, you gotta keep learning; read more books, learn from your mistakes and failures, and most importantly, sigue pa’lante (keep moving forward)!

5. ¡Levantate! (Get up!)

You can start reprogramming your body little by little by setting your alarm 15 minutes earlier than the ushe. Gradually, you can trick your body to wake up an hour earlier which will give you time to exercise, meditate, eat a healthy breakfast, plan out your day, etc. Don’t underestimate the benefits, you can really get a lot done in the morning! Keeping track of how you spend your time every day can be the key to achieving your dreams, and obvs, there are plenty of time tracking apps to help you stay focused and on track!

Make these changes in your life and always push yourself to be better. Live your truth proudly and follow your dreams with confidence! And NEVER forget…

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Why Is Disneyland Doing A BIG Push On Latino Foods?


Why Is Disneyland Doing A BIG Push On Latino Foods?

Most would think the most magical part about Disneyland are the beautiful fireworks and thrilling rides, but if you’re a big foodie then you’d agree that the most magical part about this theme park is actually the food and drinks.

Among these Disney dishes and drinks, you can find micheladas, pozole, avocado margaritas, Dole whip and more. Speaking of Dole whip, if you really love that stuff, check out this new mitú pin dedicated to the greatest treat created by man. Check out the yummy list below if you (and your appetite) want to be prepared for your next Disney visit.

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1. Michelada

@californiafoodie_ / Instagram / Digital Image / May 3, 2018

If you don’t already know what a Michelada is, it’s a cold beverage that include beer, tomato juice, lemon, tajin and sometimes other ingredients based on your preference. These refreshing beverages are sold right next to the Monsters Inc. ride at Disneyland California Adventure. They’re perfect on hot summer days and are said to help cure hangovers (in case you’ve had a little too much to drink the night before your Disney trip).

2. Esquite (corn cup)

@rkyserling / Twitter / Digital Image / May 3, 2018

If you love the corn on the cob that Eloteros sell, then you’ll for sure enjoy these snack-size esquites. The cup comes with a mix of corn, cheese, lemon, mayonnaise and powdered chile.

3. Deep Fried Corn

@HeyVivala / Twitter / Digital Image / May 3, 2018

This corn is also similar to the type of corn that Eloteros sell, except that this one is deep fried. Also, the corn is topped with Disney’s signature lime cilantro sauce.

4. Mangoneada

@foodsofdisneyland / Instagram / Digital Image / May 3, 2018

This fruity dessert is the perfect treat on a hot day. It includes diced mangos, topped with chamoy and tajín.

5. Chocolate Churro with Mexican Chocolate Sauce

@eats.n.sweets / Instagram / Digital Image / May 3, 2018

This treat is for all of the chocolate lovers. Not only is the churro itself chocolate-flavored, it also comes with a Mexican hot chocolate sauce. De-li-cious.

6. Strawberry Flavored Churro

@foodsofdisneyland / Instagram / Digital Image / May 3, 2018

This strawberry-flavored churro, also known as the rose gold churro, is amongst the other churros Disneyland offers.

However, if you don’t like chocolate or strawberry, you can also choose from pumpkin spice, cinnamon sugar, apple cinnamon, salted caramel or piña colada.

7. Mango Paleta with Chamoy and Tajín

@foodsofdisneyland / Instagram / Digital Image / May 3, 2018

This treat is very similar to the mangoneada, except that it comes in the form of a popsicle. The mango-flavored paleta is topped with a drizzle of chamoy and layers of tajín.

8. Tres Leches Parfait

Green Monrail Destinations / Facebook / Digital Image / May 3, 2018

This dessert was inspired by Disney Pixar’s “Coco.” The tres leches parfait includes layers of vanilla cake, caramel cream and dark rum. So if you have a major sweet tooth, this dessert will definitely do the trick.

9. Caramel Flan

@FntsylndFoodies / Twitter / Digital Image / May 3, 2018

This caramel-flavored dessert has a similar texture to jello, but is far more creamier and sweeter. During Halloween, this dessert is sold with an orange and pumpkin flavor.

10. Watermelon Lemonade with Tajín

Disney Hungry / Facebook / Digital Image / May 3, 2018

This refreshing beverage gives you the perfect balance of sweet and salty. When you drink it, it almost tastes as if you were eating sliced watermelon pieces topped with tajín. 

11. Avocado Margarita

Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas / Facebook / Digital Image / May 3, 2018

Calling all avocado and tequila lovers! Now you can have both in this ice-cold avocado margarita.

12. Pozole

Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas / Facebook / Digital Image / May 3, 2018

Of course there’s no other pozole better than your family’s home-made posole, but if you’re ever at Disneyland during the winter, you might want to try this out.

13. Coctel de Camaron

@disneyfoodies / Instagram / Digital Image / May 3, 2018

If you love seafood, then this little Disney appetizer is made for you. The coctel de camaron is served cold and is topped with a mini crab leg and lemon.

14. Sopes

@disneyfoodies / Instagram / Digital Image / May 3, 2018

These sopes are only available at Disneyland during the winter season. As pictured in the image above, the plate comes with a side of rice and tortilla chips.

15. Carne Asada and Enchiladas

@foodsofdisneyland / Instagram / Digital Image / May 3, 2018

You can find this delicious dish in Frontierland, Disneyland, located between Thunder Mountain and the Shooting Gallery. The plate comes with dices of carne asada, cheese enchiladas and warm tortillas on the side.

16. Tacos de Barbacoa

@foodsofdisneyland / Instagram / Digital Image / May 3, 2018

These barbacoa tacos are wrapped in green tortillas and topped with onion slaw, purple cabbage, pickled onions and habanero sauce. You can find these yummy tacos at Knowhere Eats in Disneyland.

17. Taco Cone

@foodsofdisneyland / Instagram / Digital Image / May 3, 2018

The taco cone is similar to a soft tortilla taco, except that it is wrapped in cone-shaped bread. Inside the bread is refried beans, chicken, molcajete salsa, cotija cheese and lettuce. You can find this taco cone at The Cozy Cone Motel in Cars Land at Disneyland.

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18. Nacho Fries

@foodsofdisneyland / Instagram / Digital Image / May 3, 2018

If you’ve had carne asada fries, then you’ll be familiar with this dish. At Disneyland they offer these nacho fries with carne asada, chicken or carnitas.

19. Burritos

@foodsofdisneyland / Instagram / Digital Image / May 3, 2018

If you arrive to Disneyland starving, then this burrito plate is what you should order. The dish comes with a side of rice and beans, and is certain to fill you up.

20. Wet Breakfast Burritos

@foodsofdisneyland / Instagram / Digital Image / May 3, 2018

This burrito is perfect for all of the Disneyland early birds. The breakfast burrito comes with scrambled eggs, chorizo, potatoes, tomatillo sauce and sour cream. You can find it at the Flo’s V8 Cafe in Cars Land.

So, what’s your ultimate favorite Disney dish? 

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