Helado Negro’s “It’s My Brown Skin” Is The Anthem We Need Right Now


With the recent release of his new album “Private Energy,” Helado Negro is quickly becoming one of the biggest advocates for Latino pride. His track “It’s My Brown Skin” is where that pride shines brightest, opening with the lines, “My skin glows in the dark shines in the light. It’s the color that holds me tight. My brown me is the shade that’s just for me.” The lyrics surf across a warm melody that’s as soothing as it is healing, like a much needed hug after a bad day. And with the political climate so cynical and anti-brown skin these days, a hug is totally welcome. Roberto Carlos Lange, the Ecuadorian-American who goes by Helado Negro, explained his motivation for the track in a recent interview with Vibe:

“[It’s My Brown Skin] is a song I thought of as a children’s song and also something romantic. It’s about the resilience of our skin, how it can stretch, grow, heal and scar.”


“Private Energy” also features Helado Negro’s “Young, Latin, and Proud,” a track that embraces sincere positivity for one’s own identity. “It feels good to be brown,” Lange explained to Vibe. “And I want all the other people who live in the United States who might be fear that their brown skin brings them trouble to use this as a meditation or a mantra.” Released on October 7, “Positive Energy” is available for purchase through Helado Negro’s Bandcamp, where you can check out the entire album before buying. Helado is also touring to promote the album, so check out his website for details on where he’ll be performing.

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