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Hey, Mike Pence! This Is #ThatMexicanThing You Should Pay More Attention To

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Donald Trump’s running mate Mike Pence metio la pata last night during the vice presidential debate. No, we aren’t talking about how he lied and denied all the questionable things that Trump has said about women, Latinos, African-Americans, et al. Toward the end of the debate, Pence made the now-infamous gaffe of telling Tim Kaine that he “whipped out that Mexican thing again” when mentioning Trump’s first speech when he called Mexican immigrants rapists and criminals. Of course, Twitter responded with a clapback hashtag.

Here is the moment Mike Pence inadvertently created #ThatMexicanThing.

Pence: “Senator, you whipped out that Mexican thing again.”

America: “I’m sorry…what?”

So, immediately, folks took to Twitter to share stories of what #ThatMexicanThing really is and made sure the world knew who he was running with.

Like, are Trump and Pence really that obsessed with us that they can’t stop talking about us?

Some people are letting Pence know that #ThatMexicanThing means paying your fair share of taxes.

Let’s admit it. Trump has no ground to stand on there.

There is also the little thing called education.

Voto Latino took the social media reaction and created a website dedicated strictly to voting:

Just for the record, Mexicans are truly welcoming and helpful people.

^^This is everything! ❤️

Mexican parents, and in fact most immigrant and minority parents, will always put their child’s education first.

Seriously. What is so bad about #ThatMexicanThing, Mr. Pence?

There were some heartbreaking and empowering stories of how hard people are willing to work.

Raise your hand if your immigrant grandparent struggled and worked hard to give you what you have now. ?????

Some people dropped historical knowledge on people.

D R A G  H I M!

This person even shared a photo of their father’s military grave.

See. It seems that #ThatMexicanThing includes fighting for your freedom to speak negatively about those who fought for you. ?☕️?

There were also some people who shared stories of super hard working single mothers who refused to use government assistance.

There was some praise for Pence finally saying the line that would strengthen Mexicans, and Latinos, into an unstoppable force.

Even non-Latinos joined in to show support against Pence’s statement.

It is becoming more and more important that we come together to vote for our familia and raza.

Our parents did not work this hard to get this far for a president to talk down to them and make them feel worthless. VOTE!

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Register to vote today by downloading the Latinos Vote app for iOS and Android. Our voice matters. #WeAreAmerica

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Brazilian Skateboarder Letícia Bufoni Takes Insane Fall On Live Television


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