Hey, Brands! This Is How You Latino-fy Your Product Without Really Trying

Marketing our culture to non-Latinos has always been a tough sell. Despite having a rich and varied heritage to pull from, advertisers prefer to take the path of least resistance and resort to the same tried-and-true formulas when introducing new products. Don’t know what I mean? Well then, let’s take a look at items on the market that draw from Latino culture, but are clearly advertised for… well, a less ethnic crowd. Also, if you have a company, and you want to market your merchandise, the following methods are great for getting rich off the backs of Latinos.

Give your product some random sounding Spanish name so people know it’s ethnic!

Or just call it Mexican!

It’s all about spice (and tacos).


Seriously, Latinos have to eat at least half our body weight in spicy every day or else we get sick. Not lying.

Here’s an example of spice meeting Spanish. ¡Que exótico!

Credit: BuzzFeed Video / YouTube

I know they won’t be as good as the chile limón chips my ancestors made in their adobe hut kitchens, but I can feel my Latino senses tingling already.

If you use the word “authentic,” you can sell anything. Try throwing in a photo of an abuelita to really move some product.

Only try the above tip if you’re an expert though. Otherwise people might expose and factcheck you!

If you can’t think of a new product to sell, just appropriate one of our cultural icons and wait for the cash money to start rolling in.

Fashion trends are always a great way to make a quick buck off a culture.


I know I’ve seen that shirt some place before…

Make sure you use some old-timey cliche to sell your product.

Finally, remember to mark your prices way up so that only people with money can actually afford your product!

Credit: Fidmart85/Twitter

Six dollar ice cream tacos? Sign me up!