He’s Missing A Leg, But This Latino Skateboarder Still Kills It

Credit: Don’t Sleep Productions / Vimeo

“Being able to see another dude skateboarding with a missing leg with the same way I’m missing my leg, it just spoke volumes to me.”

Oscar Loreto Jr. was born with a congenital birth defect that left him without fully developed hands. He is also missing part of his left leg below the knee. That didn’t stop him from picking up a skateboard. Loreto says he was inspired by photos of Jon Comer, a skateboarder with a prosthetic limb who made it to the pro level. In the new short film “An Ode To Jon Comer,” Lotero describes how he built the confidence to skate around other people without hiding his disability and how he hopes to inspire others the same way Jon Comer inspired him.

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