The Official Mitú Guide To Talking Trash About Players At Copa América

Are you ready for Copa América Centenario*? No? It’s OK, here’s a quick overview of which players you should follow throughout the tourney, along with the MOST IMPORTANT details you need to have a conversation with friends. You can thank us later.

If someone asks who you think will win it all, your best bet is Argentina. Their best player? Messi, of course.

card-messi (1)

This tourney is being held in the U.S., which is basically a second home for Mexico. Javier “Chicharito” Hernández will look to lead them to victory.


Although Neymar won’t be playing at this tournament, Brazil is always dangerous. Especially with a guy named Hulk on the squad.

card-hulk (1)

Colombia will be looking to improve on their impressive World Cup 2014 run, led by star James Rodríguez.


If you really want to sound like you know what you’re talking about, his name is pronounced “HAH-MEHZZ.”

With teams like Argentina and Brazil in the mix, Uruguay often gets overlooked. But they boast one of the best strikers in the world — Luis Suárez.

card-suarez (1)

And you can’t count out Chile, the winners of the previous Copa América. Their midfield general is Arturo Vidal.


And of course, the host country, USA can’t be counted out completely. Tim Howard was their standout player at the 2014 World Cup — this year, he may be watching from the bench, but his leadership may still be felt.

*Copa América Centernario is the 100th anniversary of the Copa América fútbol tourney, where teams in the South American soccer confederation (CONMEBOL) face off every four years to see who’s the best of the best. Teams like Mexico, which are not part of the South American confederation, are usually invited to participate as special guests. This year, several North American teams have been invited to participate, including Jamaica, Costa Rica and Panama. The tournament is usually only held in South America, but this year it’s being hosted by the United States because A. It’s a special occasion and B. $$$.

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MLS Players Test Positive As Teams Travel To Florida To Start Tournament


MLS Players Test Positive As Teams Travel To Florida To Start Tournament

Patrick Smith / Getty Images

The numbers are startling. The number of COVID-19 infections in the U.S. is skyrocketing and breaking records for the number of infections almost daily. One of the hardest-hit states in Florida and the MLS is determined to bring their season back using Florida as their meeting ground.

MLS athletes and staff members are testing positive for COVID-19 after arriving in Florida.

Major League Soccer is one of the first sports to attempt to restart its season. Fans were excited about the decision to restart the sport and MLS officials set their sights on the Walt Disney World Resort. Teams were flown down to Orlando to create a bubble to restart the sport as safely as possible.

Florida is experiencing one of the most severe spikes in cases in the country and the MLS is not immune to the spread.

Florida recently reported more than 10,000 cases July 1, a record for the state, and within 1,000 infections from the nation’s record set in New York. Orange County, which is home to Orlando and Walt Disney World Resort, is facing one of the most devastating outbreaks in the state.

There is a lot of chatter about whether or not is possible for this bubble idea to work.

“So far, most guys have been sticking to their rooms, playing video games, FIFA and 2K. We’ve had the opportunity share meals together, which was nice because I haven’t eaten in a group in a long time,” San Jose defender Tommy Thompson told Tampa Bay Times. “It felt great to be back on the field. When we all got on that bus together and started to train with contact, it felt really good.”

Fans are questioning if this idea is going to work.

Some players have told the press that they do feel safe in the bubble as the teams practice and prepare for the MLS is Back Tournament.

“Everyone is wearing masks, some guys are wearing gloves, and I feel safe 100 percent,” Dallas midfielder Tanner Tessmann told Tampa Bay Times. “They separated us on the buses and on the plane. We are staying one to a room in the hotel. So, I feel really safe. They have good procedures in place, so everything should go smoothly.”

The MLS is Back Tournament is set to begin July 8, considering everything goes according to plan. The rest of the teams are expected to arrive this week with the first game between Inter Miami and Orlando City.

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Teammates Give Friend One Last Soccer Goal To Honor His Life After Being Killed By Police

Things That Matter

Teammates Give Friend One Last Soccer Goal To Honor His Life After Being Killed By Police

@memo_schutz / Twitter

There are protests against police brutality taking place across the world. The death of George Floyd sparked global anger about how people are treated by police officers. In Oaxaca, the people offered a touching tribute to a young boy killed by police.

This was the scene of a funeral in Oaxaca, Mexico honoring a teenage boy.

The young boy, identified as Alexander Martinez, was killed by municipal police in Oaxaca. Martinez was a dual citizen of the U.S. and Mexico and had been back in Oaxaca for four years. The young boy was a soccer player with a promising future.

People immediately took notice of the phrase over the goal.

Martinez’s teammates gave him a chance to score one last goal before being buried. The team met at the field where they played and he scored one last goal.

People who have seen the tweet are stricken with the irony that the goal has the words “Un Gonierno para Todos.” This translates to “A Government for Everyone.” The boy’s death, to some people, proves the hollowness of the slogan.

People are comparing this young man’s death to the death of George Floyd.

While the circumstances are much different, people are angered that the young boy was killed by the police for no reason. There is no concrete explanation as to why Martinez was shot.

It has been reported that Martinez and a friend were at the convenience store buying a soda when they were shot by police. People believe that it was a case of mistaken identity turned deadly when the boys ran from police who were shooting from a squad car.

The tribute is a touching example of athletics for some.

The video is very emotional. After the goal is scored, the teammates rush the coffin and pile on top grieving for their friend’s untimely death.

Rest in peace, Martinez.

Our thoughts are with your friends and family.

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