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Here’s Why Only One Of Three Latino Baseball Stars Will Likely Make It Into The Baseball Hall Of Fame

Earlier this week, the Baseball Writers Association of America released its ballot for the 2017 Hall of Fame. Among the 34 players included in this year’s ballot, there are three Latino standouts: Manny Ramirez, Vladimir Guerrero and Ivan “Pudge” Rodriguez.

Guerrero, an outfielder who spent most of his career with the Montreal Expos and the Anaheim Angels, batted over .300 for 12 seasons in a row and had 10 100-RBI seasons. He also had a cannon for an arm:

Credit: MLB

Ivan Rodriguez, a 14-time All-Star and 13-time Gold Glove winner, was one of the greatest catchers of all time. Like Guerrero, “Pudge” had a strong, deadly accurate arm.

Credit: MLB

And then there’s Manny Ramirez, widely acknowledged as a talented hitter who wasn’t as talented (err… focused) when it came to defense. Ramirez was also known for his eccentric personality:

Credit: MLB

So, how good are their chances to make the Hall of Fame? Based on their stats, all three would be shoe-ins to make it into Cooperstown. But Ramirez was busted twice for using performance enhancing drugs, which means his chances are basically zero. Hall of Fame-caliber players such as Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa and Roger Clemens have failed to make it into the Hall of Fame due to their association with PEDs.

Rodriguez, who hit more than 300 home runs in his career, has been dogged by PED rumors for years. His former teammate, Jose Canseco, claimed that he personally injected Rodriguez with steroids. Rodriguez has been vague about whether or not he used steroids,  but several of Rodriguez’s teammates from the ’90s-era Texas Rangers  — Alex Rodriguez, Rafael Palmeiro, Juan Rodriguez — have been linked PEDs, casting a shadow of suspicion over Pudge’s career.

That leaves Guerrero, who has not been linked to steroids, making him the player out of this trio most likely to be inducted into Cooperstown. Despite his impressive numbers, Guerrero could end up making it into the Hall of Fame in another year or two, as the Baseball Writers Association of America considers players who have been on several HOF ballots over the years, including Tim Raines and Fred McGriff.

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15 Latino Sides To Impress Everyone At Your Friendsgiving This Year

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15 Latino Sides To Impress Everyone At Your Friendsgiving This Year

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Thanksgiving is here and some of us will be spending that time with our chosen family – friends. Now, don’t fall into the typical Thanksgiving dinner protocol. Why not impress your friends with some sabor from your homeland? Here are 15 different Latino side dishes guaranteed to impress people at your friendsgiving table.

1. Arroz Amarillo Con Maíz

While everyone looks forward to the typical mashed potatoes and gravy, arroz amarillo will blow your friends away. Arroz con maíz is a staple in many Latino homes. It’s too delicious not to show up on Thanksgiving.

2. Maduros

Let that platano get all yellow and black, peel it, chop it and deep fry it. Everyone is going to thank you for this sweet, sweet treat that won’t pop buttons.

3. Elotes

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Elotes. Who doesn’t love a good elote? Prepare it with some seasoning and throw it in a fancy dish. It’s as if street corn got glammed up.

4. Feijoada

This Brazilian take on black beans is something your friends will want more of. Not only are black beans already one of the greatest things on earth, adding chorizo or sausage makes this dish just yum!

5. Puca Picante

Want to bring spice and color to friendsgiving? Puca picante is perfect. This Peruvian dish perfectly couples beets with potatoes and a few  spices to make your palate go crazy.

6. Yuca Frita

There’s something with Latinos and their root vegetables. Yuca is no different. Peel, chop and deep fry these puppies for a carby treat that everyone is going to drool over. Top it with some olive oil with garlic and onions to really set this dish off.

7. Papas Chorreadas

Did your mouth not just water?

Papas chorreadas is something to behold. Just boil yourself some red potatoes and create the cheesy-cream topping and just smother it. This will for sure outshine the turkey.

8. Gallo Pinto

Three safe words at every potluck: rice and beans. But bet your friends haven’t tried that recipe above…

9. Humita

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Now, the words “corn pudding” might seem like a stretch, but hang in there. This dish recipe some of the best things including corn, cheese, butter and onions in one saliva-inducing side dish.

10. Cebollas Encurtidas

Tired of all the bland food your friends try to pass off as holiday treats? Bring your own (or you can share if you want) pickled onions to add just a small amount of flavor to the holiday food. Best part – you’ll still be totally kissable – these onions don’t stink.

11. Tequeños

Dough + Cheese + Oil = A Venezuelan deep fried cheese stick.

12. Pan De Bono

Take your cheese bread to another level with this amazing cheesy bread recipe.

13. Guacamole

Nothing like a good standby. Guacamole is not only simple to make, it is also a crowd favorite everywhere it goes.

14. Tostones

If you aren’t too sure about sweet, deep-fried platanos, get those babies frying before they go ripe. They’re like chips, but healthier. Maybe.

15. Almojábanas

Here’s a different fried cheese concoction that everyone will love. That’s right. More fried cheese to give your friendsgiving that extra bit of flavor to make everyone beg you to make this again next year.

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