Here’s What It’s Like To Speak English And Move To Mexico In The Middle Of Your Childhood

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“I feel more American than Mexican.”

What happens when you’re an American kid, born to Mexican parents, who ends up moving to Mexico? A new documentary, “Una Vida, Dos Paises,” tackles the story of “transfronterizos,” young children who must adapt to life in their parents’ home country.

Many of the children, who grow up speaking English, are faced with the challenge of fitting in at schools where they struggle with Spanish. Some are called names such as “gringo” for not speaking Spanish. Others deal with fractured families, where one parent stays behind in the U.S. to work and provide for the family in Mexico.

One of the filmmakers, Tatyana Kleyn, told the New York Times her experience as a Latvian immigrant in the U.S. helped her relate: “I saw what it was like through the eyes of my parents when you come to this country and you don’t speak the language.”

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13 Things Latinos Do That Are Dangerous, Life-Threatening, But SO Much #SaferThanATrumpRally


13 Things Latinos Do That Are Dangerous, Life-Threatening, But SO Much #SaferThanATrumpRally

Getty / David Ramos / @cJamesGoff / Twitter

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know Donal Trump rallies are becoming insanely violent. While Trump sits back on his throne and just watches all this happen, Twitter brought attention to the issue with #SaferThanATrumpRally. Twitter did alright, but we’ve come up with a few more…

Some people started with the obvious.


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Like, sooooooo original Skyler. *cue sarcasm*

Other tweets were a little more relatable.


Credit: @Kyozamiss / Twitter

Tío Javy…is that you?

Some of them are actually pretty funny…

Credit: @skiplacombe / Twitter

And true.

Credit: yodiscrepo / Tumblr

There was another that got us thinking…

Credit: @cJamesGoff / Twitter

With the way things are going, there are bound to be more people injured at a Trump rally than the next running of the bulls in Pamplona.

There are some Twitter hasn’t discussed yet…like having a chupacabra as a pet.

Credit: @bri_zee_w / Instagram

Sure. It very well might rip your throat open in your sleep, but that’s the risk you take. #AnyoneButTrump

Or getting a beatdown from mami’s chancla.

Credit: mun2 / un simple chico / Tumblr

This thing has heat seeking capability and boomerang characteristics, but it is still not going to kill you for being you.

Cheap tequila, while dangerous, is still #SaferThanTrump.

Credit: New Girl / Fox / fmlawschool / Tumblr

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, FLOOR!

Trump can only wish that his rallies were as hot as ghost chile peppers.

Credit: DailyPicksAndFlicks / YouTube

But then they would be safe and he, apparently, just doesn’t dig that.

Even talking back to your parents wouldn’t f*ck you up like a Trump rally.

Credit: EDMPortal / YouTube

Bruises and feelings heal. Broken bones and death threats take a little more time to deal with.

Flipping tortilla in your comal a la abuelita? Yup safer.

Credit: MissSaraBurgin / YouTube


Ignoring calls from mami is just about the riskiest thing ANY Latino can do.

Credit: mitú

But it is still so much safer than trying to reason with fanatical Trump supporters.

Dad might smack the brown off you for changing the channel during a fútbol match, but he would never assault you.


Credit: Ramon Gonzalez / Vine

Can’t say the same for Trump supporters.

Ever tried to distract abuelita while she watched Walter Mercado?

Credit: El Nuevo Herald / YouTube

You won’t be the same but you’ll be in better shape than if you went to a Trump rally.

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