If Your Favorite NFL Teams Were Soccer Clubs, Here’s What They’d Look Like

Last November, when the NFL made its way to Mexico City for the faceoff between the Oakland Raiders and the Houston Texas at the Estadio Azteca, several Mexican artists commemorated the event by reimagining the helmets of NFL teams.

Here’s an example:

The helmets earned mixed reviews, probably because fans don’t want to see designs that stray from the aesthetic they’ve known for decades. Whether you like the designs or not, they definitely let you see your favorite team in a different perspective. In 2011, a designer named Jimmy Nutini did something similar, creating several mockups of NFL-inspired soccer jerseys.

Here’s what this season’s NFC champs, the Atlanta Falcons, would look like:

Jimmy Nutini Design / Blogspot

Here’s what their Super Bowl opponent, the New England Patriots would wear.

Jimmy Nutini Design / Blogspot

Other popular teams, such as the Green Bay Packers…

Jimmy Nutini Design / Blogspot

… and the Dallas Cowboys were also reimagined.

Jimmy Nutini Design / Blogspot

Wondering what’s up with the brand logos on the jerseys? It’s common for soccer clubs to have a jersey sponsor just below the chest area — some teams have several sponsors. In a blog post, Nutini explained why he used certain brand logos:

“I’m making my choices based upon the naming rights of the stadiums these teams play in.  If their stadiums don’t have naming rights, I use the rights from another stadium in the area. I think only one or two teams I’ve done have simply used large businesses headquartered in the team’s area. My focus is not on the kit sponsors but on the uniform designs as a whole, and how sponsors could fit on them.”

To see more of Nutini’s designs, which include the Pittsburg Steelers, Seattle Seahawks and Minnesota Vikings, check out his blog here, here and here.

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