This Mexican Guy Realized His Yard Is A Pokemon Gym And The Results Are Hilarious

Mexican Guy’s House Is A Gym On Pokémon Go?!?
~~> Tiburcio <~~

Posted by OMG, It’s Eddie G on Thursday, July 14, 2016

Credit: OMG, It’s Eddie G! / Facebook

“Gente boba…”

Did you think Pokémon Go was going to be hot for a week and fall off quickly? You were wrong. If you’re one of the many millions of Pokémon hunters, you know how obsessed you and your friends have become to catch Pokémon. Some of you will venture out to uncharted places and spaces, even if it gets you in trouble. In this video by Eddie G!, we see what it’s like when a few unassuming Pokemon hunters discover a Pikachu on the lawn of a Mexican guy’s house.

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Bruno Mars Wants To Make Sure You Have The Strength To Make It Through The Week


Bruno Mars Wants To Make Sure You Have The Strength To Make It Through The Week

Because everyone needs a little Bruno Mars to get them through the week.

There’s never a bad time to revisit this Bruno Mars Sesame Street appearance because it’s a stellar, uplifting boost, especially since the past few weeks have been pretty tough on all of us. Who wouldn’t keep going when they have Bruno Mars and the Sesame Street gang encouraging you not to give up? Not only are you going to start feeling super motivated after watching this video, you just might catch yourself humming along as Bruno sings in his iconic smooth voice. So, as you go through your week, remember: “Don’t Give Up.”

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