Here’s The Teaser For The English-Language Version of ‘La Reina del Sur’

Credit: Queen of the South / YouTube 

“Do I have to worry about you, Teresa?”

Did you ever imagine there would be an English-language version of “La Reina Del Sur”? Well, it’s here.

USA Network just released a teaser trailer for the show, which is titled “Queen of the South.” The 13-episode series stars Brazilian actor Alice Braga as Teresa Mendoza, the role famously played by Kate del Castillo in the novela version. The show is based on the book by Arturo Pérez-Reverte, so expect lots of similarities to the novela, but not a shot-for-shot remake.

“Queen of the South” also features Jon-Michael Ecker (son of Telenovela veteran Guy Ecker) and Joaquim de Almeida (aka the Portuguese actor who plays Latino bad guys in lots of movies).

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