Here’s The Quinceañera That The Whole Internet Was Invited To

Meet the Ibarra Garcia family from San Luis Potosi, Mexico. They are what we like to call “Internet famous.”


Here’s how it happened. Earlier this month, the family recorded a video invitation for the quinceañera of Rubí. Check it out:

After announcing which bands would play at the event, Rubí’s dad boasted that they would have a 10,000 peso chiva — as one of our readers pointed out, it’s an amateur horse race with a prize of 10,000 pesos to the winner. Oh, and he also invited ~everyone~ to the event.

Soon, the video went viral, and the Internet began making plans to attend the epic quinceañera. Someone created a Facebook event for the quince, and thousands of people began signing up.


The event page is currently at 1 million attendees. It’s been shared more than half a million times.

Once the video and event page went viral, you know the memes were inevitable.


Everyone jumped on the bandwagon.


Someone even created a party flyer…

Some people showed off their “tickets” to the event…

And others showed off their VIP passes.

“Distinguished” guests from Mexico…


… Colombia…


… and the U.S. began confirming their attendance.


Coupon codes were created…


And people speculated about exactly how big the quince would get.



Even this guy heard the news and tried to get an invite.


But, unfortunately for everyone, Rubí’s dad found out about the huge guest list. He promptly clarified that the quince was just for friends and family.


Which left lots of people disappointed…


… And distressed.

Someone should let the Ibarra Garcia clan know there’s going to be one very disillusioned guest.


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Correction: A previous version of this story stated that a “10,000 peso chiva” was a large goat dinner.

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