Here’s How Undocumented People Feel About The Election

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The most important election of our lifetime is here and there is so much on the line for so many Americans, including undocumented immigrants. One tweet has sparked a conversation about how undocumented immigrants feel.

Twitter user Rodrigo Huertas is showing the world what undocumented immigrants are feeling about this year’s presidential election.

All it took was 93 characters to get people to open up about their fears about Election Day.

Some responses are using humor to relay the message of anxiety.

Humor or backup plan?

Other people are unfiltered about how terrified they truly are.

Sometimes one hashtag is all you need.

Looks like the white name mentality is a common theme.

Jorge = George. Guillermo = William. Pedro = Peter. Etc.

Many are exhausted after watching two people argue over your fate and well-being in this country for months.

No energy left.

There are people that just can’t believe that it’s already decision time.


People who are protected are worried about family and friends.

Answers to the tweet are covering all the different emotions in the human spectrum.

@Deyaaaniraa we promise you’re not the only one.

Some people are legit looking up what it would mean if they’re forced to go back to their countries of origin.

Imagine spending your life in one country then being told you have to go back to a country you do not know.

Stress. Stress. Stress.

Breathe. Just breathe.

Then there are emotions that just can’t be put into conventional words.

Existential crisis is right.

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9 Of The Most Savage Texts Moms Have Sent


9 Of The Most Savage Texts Moms Have Sent

Most people have sweet, kind mothers… you, you got stuck with a savage queen. If you’re Latino, chances are you’ve received texts like these once or twice before.

She doesn’t miss an opportunity to remind you about your sad, sad love life.

Credit: mitú

Thanks mom, that really makes me feel better.

And drag you every holiday.

Credit: mitú

That burn still hurts.

She does it in every app.

Credit: mitú

How do you block people again?

And doesn’t let one slip.

Credit: mitú

She wants to take control over your account and your life.

You don’t even know how she hacks her way in, but she does it.

Credit: mitú

The whole point of Snapchat is PRIVACY.

Oh, and remember that one time you got a piercing?

Credit: mitú


Even when she’s trying to “motivate” you, she’s a complete savage.

Credit: mitú

Message delivered.

You’re just trying to be the sweet mijo/a that you are.

Credit: mitú

But she’s not having it.

At the end of the day, she finds her own way of showing you how much she loves you.

Credit: mitú

And you can’t complain.

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