Trump Says He’s Undoing All Of Obama’s Executive Orders. So What’s Going To Happen To Cuba?

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President Obama has spent the last several years trying to strengthen the relationship between Cuba and the United States. As of a few weeks ago, Obama even went so far as to lift restrictions bringing Cuban rum and cigars into the U.S.

While many people were elated to see improved relationships, one community was not entirely happy: Cuban-Americans. To get more specific, we’re talking about Florida’s older Cuban-American population who are not all that fond of the Cuban government. And, as we know, Florida is a key state in any national election.

In September 2015, Trump backed Obama’s advancements with Cuba in a Daily Caller audio interview.



Trump’s audio interview with The Daily Caller revealed he not only had an open mind about Cuba, but he also felt the U.S. could have made stronger deals with Cuba. In fact, back in 1998, one of Trump’s affiliated firms – Seven Arrows Investment and Development Corps – had dealings with Cuba, which were in violation of U.S. laws, but no big deal.

However, when Trump’s team saw that Cuban-Americans were unhappy with U.S.-Cuban relations, Trump distanced himself from that stance.


As the Miami Herald predicted back in October, this tactic helped him in the much-contested state of Florida.

What happens next for Cuba is unclear.

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President Obama used executive orders to move the Cuba-U.S. relationship forward, but Trump has pledged to the American people that he will undo all of Obama’s executive orders, which includes current Cuban policy. However, lobbyists have let it be known they feel that it’s beneficial to the U.S. to continue growing the alliance with Cuba. As such, the mood in Cuba is decidedly uncertain. Some citizens have expressed their worries that the advancements – economically and socially – they’ve seen under the Obama Administration might vanish entirely. Other’s remain somewhat cynical, having dealt with the U.S. government for many years now. Then there are those in Cuba who welcome the decline in relations, including Fidel Castro, who has no love for the U.S., saying, “We don’t need the empire to give us any presents.”

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Mexican Economy Is Suffering Terribly After Trump Was Declared President


Mexican Economy Is Suffering Terribly After Trump Was Declared President

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Over the last few days, Mexico’s peso dipped to a record low of 21 pesos per dollar, down from 18 pesos per dollar just a few days earlier. The plunge came in the wake of the November 8th presidential election, which saw Donald Trump pull in the sweet victory. During his campaign, Trump has promised to decrease trade, end NAFTA if it isn’t renegotiated on his terms, build a multi-billion dollar wall between the U.S. and Mexico, create a 35% tariff for Mexican good sold in the U.S.deport two to three million criminal immigrants – of which many are presumably Mexican. The inflation hit so hard that even Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim’s fortune dropped from 51 billion to 45 billion.

Have no fear though, now is the perfect time to head over to Mexico and exploit that weak peso with your sweet U.S. dollars.


Mexico said it had a contingency plan in the event of Trump win. Over the last year, the peso has had a rocky relationship with Donald Trump’s bid for the presidency. As Trump’s polling numbers failed, the peso rallied, and when Trump surged, the peso plunged. As of today, with the peso at record lows, Mexico has not revealed what their contingency plan is, though if you ask me, scratch-offs are a sure winner! Nothing like getting a Bucks Deluxe winner, and my abuela has a lucky nickel she’s had since Manuel Ávila Camacho.

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