Here’s All the Crazy Stuff Guys Say When Playing FIFA

“Dude, you can’t be Barcelona. I’m gonna be Barcelona. We both can’t be the same team!”

What’s the best part of playing a sports game like FIFA, Madden or NBA2K? The trash talk. Whether you’re challenging someone online or playing at home with a friend, the game is always more fun when you’re firing verbal shots at your opponent.

Once that gets started, though, you’re likely to just spit out the first thing that comes to mind – even when it’s a cry of frustration. JR Muñoz, Josh Santos and David Alvarez take you through the range of emotions that one goes through when playing FIFA.

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If You’re Christian, It’s Likely You Missed Out On All This


If You’re Christian, It’s Likely You Missed Out On All This

There’s waaaaay too much to fit onto this list.

The Hip-hop and Rap Music Scene


Rock was also forbidden because it was known as música del diablo y ¡ya bájale a esa basura!

 Short Skirts

The rule was four fingers below the knee.

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An Even Tan Was Prohibited


Emos Were Basically Devil-Worshipers


Punks, metalheads, emos – you name it. If you’re different from the norm, it’s tough. You might’ve gotten the ruler!

Slumber Parties


Spiritual retreats only!

Being “Different”

Credit: aimchatroom / Tumblr

They may love Juanga or Walter Mercado, but we can never talk about any gay cousin, uncle, sibling or self in the family.



Dancing, drinking, laughing, smiling, breathing, basically existing is not allowed.

Doing It


Sex not even with yourself!

dont care
Credit: yourreactiongifs / Tumblr

Because they always guilted you. 

PG-13 Movies

Credit: painfulbliss / Tumblr

Even when I was 17 -_-

No Novelas


Because of their passionate sex scenes. Pero bien que ellos veían.

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