Here’s A Tip: Don’t Leave Angry Messages On Your Waitress’ Receipt

Whether you’re getting food after a night of crazy responsible drinking, or a grabbing family meal after Sunday church, IHOP usually has a little something for people from all walks of life.

However, one Virgina Beach waitress found out that for some people, IHOP is an easy way spread a little ignorance.


Rachel Mau was cleaning up a table when she saw that her customer had left no tip and a disturbing message.

Written at the bottom of her receipt was the following message: “Build That Wall Trump Daddy.”


Okay, so it’s bad enough to not tip a waitress, who is probably making around two bucks and is just trying to make a living wage. But, as we all know, references to “build that wall” are usually aimed at immigrants from Mexico and Central America. Rachel Mau is neither an immigrant nor from Mexico or Central America. She’s actually of Filipino descent. Mau told KTLA 5, “I think it’s really sad that people are acting negatively towards, you know, people of different race all because of politics.”

Another customer from the same table wrote in “Nah” for their tip.


And the award for worst table of customers ever goes to…

Despite the unfortunate experience, Mau has kept a level head.

Credit: WTKR3 / CBS

Mau tends to support a golden rule approach to her customers, treating them with the same dignity and respect she expects. While one table of rude customers hasn’t hurt her customer service skills, it has served as a sobering reminder of how easy it is to ruin someone’s day with a few thoughtless words. “I feel sorry for people who do experience this,” Mau told WTKR3. I now know how they feel, and that’s why I want to spread the word on why you shouldn’t treat people like that.”

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