Here’s A Reminder That Ted Cruz Disproves The Latin Lover Stereotype

Finally, someone is showing Ted Cruz a little love, and it’s not who you’d expect.

Cruz Trump
Credit: WEWS NewsChannel5 / YouTube

The billboard, paid for by the nonprofit organization Planting Peace, features Ted Cruz and GOP presidential hopeful Donald Trump embracing in a manner that the Republican Party would publicly frown upon (but privately would probably be OK with). Planting Peace’s choice to erect (heh. erect.) the billboard in Cleveland, Ohio, was definitely a strategic one, as it’s only a few miles away from the site of the 2016 Republican National Convention.

While we’re definitely behind the message the billboard stands for — “Love Trumps Hate” and “End Homophobia” — we do see one glaring issue: How could they use Ted Cruz as Trump’s boy-toy?

Ted Cruz has a notorious history of proving that not all Latinos are Latin lovers.

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This picture of him attempting to kiss his wife is straight up nightmare fuel.

Immediately after kissing her hubby, Heidi Cruz can’t help but wipe the Cruz’s spittle from her lips.

Credit: Steve Weakley / YouTube

Not only is he a bad kisser, Cruz is just all-around awkward. Watch as he elbows his wife in the face.

giphy (38)
Credit: Kurt B / YouTube

Must be some new kind of foreplay.

Even his own daughter wants nothing to do with him.

giphy (36)
Credit: What The Funny / YouTube 

Here’s another Ted Cruz kiss and fail.

giphy (39)
Credit: Aliens 3 / Movie Clips / YouTube

We all remember that time Cruz was a little too eager to please.

Credit: Batman Returns / Movie Clips / YouTube

On the flip side, Trump is no stranger to this kind of treatment.

Credit: Syker / Vimeo

You may remember this mural of Putin playing tonsil hockey with the GOP’s dear leader.

The phenomenon of making boys kiss through art is known in Japan as Yaoi. (Use incognito mode when you look it up.)

Credit: South Park Studios / Comedy Central

Yaoi was heavily featured in the South Park episode “Tweek x Craig.”

And finally, if you’re not into politics, here’s something to cleanse your palette.

Credit: Anne Nordquist / YouTube

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Leslie Jones Sang 'Como La Flor' In An Interview And We Approve


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Who knew that Leslie Jones was such a Selena fan?

Leslie Jones was ALL of us when she did her interview with a Spanish-language media outlet, giving all the fans something they’ll never forget. Kate McKinnon and Jones might not be the most fluent in Spanish, but that didn’t stop them from giving one of the best interviews you’ll ever see. It makes sense that they’re targeting Latinos, since we’re the demographic most likely to go to the movies

People on social media are loving it.

And, in turn, falling in love with her.

It is seriously the must-see interview of the year.

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