Here’s A Funny Vid About The Person In Your Family Who Won’t Admit To Getting The Baby In The Rosca

You be careful with a baby Jesus.

Posted by Tiburcio on Thursday, January 5, 2017

[Prays In Spanish]

When it’s time to slice the rosca de reyes, your family and friends are excited to eat delicious bread but are terrified of getting the baby jesus figurine and having to throw a party for everyone. Most people who end up with the baby jesus reluctantly accept their fate but there’s always someone who tries to play it off and get away with hiding it. When you’re eating a rosca that has more than one baby jesus figurine, it’s possible to get away with it. But what happens when there’s a rosca with only one baby? This video by Eddie G! shows what can go down when there’s just one baby jesus and no one cops to getting it.

Game: Choose a Slice of our Rosca de Reyes and See if You Get the Baby!

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