Here It Is: The Pokémon GO Cumbia We All Needed

Just when you thought the craze was dying.

Pokémon GO has brought the world endless joy. Either you have played the game, made memes making fun of the game, or jammed out to this sick corrido. But now, one incredibly talented Pokémon master in the making brings you a Pokémon GO cumbia to get those hips moving. This dude totally gets the struggle of having to search high and low to catch ’em all. But, like most Pokémon trainers, he has the drive and dedication to make it happen. If this sick cumbia doesn’t get you moving and grooving with the rest of the Pokémon GO community, nothing will.

Though, someone should really break the news to him that Mewtwo isn’t available atm.

Credit: Ricardo Muñoz / YouTube

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