Here It Is: The Pokémon GO Cumbia We All Needed

Just when you thought the craze was dying.

Pokémon GO has brought the world endless joy. Either you have played the game, made memes making fun of the game, or jammed out to this sick corrido. But now, one incredibly talented Pokémon master in the making brings you a Pokémon GO cumbia to get those hips moving. This dude totally gets the struggle of having to search high and low to catch ’em all. But, like most Pokémon trainers, he has the drive and dedication to make it happen. If this sick cumbia doesn’t get you moving and grooving with the rest of the Pokémon GO community, nothing will.

Though, someone should really break the news to him that Mewtwo isn’t available atm.

Credit: Ricardo Muñoz / YouTube

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Spanish Voiceover Actress For Jessie From Pokémon Dies And Fans Mourn


Spanish Voiceover Actress For Jessie From Pokémon Dies And Fans Mourn

Pokémon fans in Latin America are mourning the death of Diana Pérez, the Spanish-language voice of Jessie of Pokémon’s Team Rocket. The voice actress has been voicing the character since 1997.

Diana Pérez, the voice actress of Team Rocket’s Jessie, died at 51.

Lalo Garza, a famed voice actor in Mexico, confirmed the death of the Pokémon voice actress.

“Rest in peace Diana Pérez, a strong, cultured, intelligent, and very talented woman. You are good now, friend. Nothing hurts anymore. Have a good trip,” reads the tweet.

Pérez has been a staple in the Spanish-language Pokémon fandom for decades.

Pérez was more than just he voice of Jessie. The voice actress was the voice of multiple anime characters including Luffy in One Piece and Kagura in Inuyasha. In recent years, Pérez had started branching out to directing, producing, and other branches in the entertainment industry.

Pérez’s death is being mourned by Pokémon fans outside of the Spanish-language fandom.

Sarah Natochenny is the English voice of Ash Ketchum in the Pokémon series, Jessie’s mortal enemy. The death of Pérez has impacted the larger Pokémon community. Pérez was a pivotal part of the Latin American Pokémon community for decades and her loss has devastated fans.

Descansa en paz, Diana.

There have been no plans announced for a replacement to voice Team Rocket’s Jessie. No official cause of death has been released either. Our hearts and thoughts go out to Pérez’s family and the greater Pokémon community mourning her passing.

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Los Ángeles Azules Announces 40th Anniversary Tour, Drops Guaynaa Collab


Los Ángeles Azules Announces 40th Anniversary Tour, Drops Guaynaa Collab

This fall legendary Mexican group Los Ángeles Azules is going on tour. To celebrate their upcoming tour, the band released the music video for their new single “Cumbia A La Gente” with Puerto Rican rapper Guaynaa.

Los Ángeles Azules is celebrating 40 years together.

To commemorate 40 years in the music industry, Los Ángeles Azules will be embarking on the 40 Años Tour. Tickets for the show are on sale now. The tour kicks off in August in Corpus Christi and runs through November. There are a few dates in 2022 as well.

Los Ángeles Azules has two music videos with over a billion views each.

Los Ángeles Azules is 40 years in the game and fabulous. The cumbia group that hails from Iztapalapa recently achieved the incredible feat of having two music videos cross over a billion views each on YouTube. Los Ángeles Azules’ remake of Natalia Lafourcade’s “Nunca Es Suficiente” with Natalia has over 1.2 billion views. The group’s video for “Mis Sentimientos” with Ximena Sariñana has over a billion views.

Los Ángeles Azules turns out the grocery store with Guaynaa in their new video.

Los Ángeles Azules is always keeping cumbia fresh. For their latest single “Cumbia a La Gente,” they team up with Guaynaa. The song blends Azules’ tropical sound with Guaynaa’s reggaeton edge. This cumbiatón bop is pretty catchy. You can always count on Guaynaa to get the party started.

In the music video for “Cumbia a La Gente,” Los Ángeles Azules and Guaynaa turn the grocery store into a club. There’s a turn-up happening in all the aisles.

Another one of Los Ángeles Azules’ recent hits was the pop crossover “Amor a La Primera Vista” with Belinda, Horacio Palencia, and Lalo Ebratt. The group’s latest album is De Buenos Aires Para El Mundo featuring Argentine pop stars like Juan Ingaramo and Lali.

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