Here Is Yet Another Example Of Donald Trump Being A Garbage Person

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How low can he go?

Donald Trump has offended just about every person in this country who isn’t a white male. Trump called immigrants rapists and drug dealers, which really means that he called Latinos rapists and drug dealers because “immigrant” is code for “anyone with a Spanish surname.” He has repeatedly insulted the muslim and black communities, gold star families, veterans, and women. Last week, he went after former Miss Universe Alicia Machado, claiming that Hillary Clinton had helped her get citizenship so that she could be a political prop. He also said that she shouldn’t be trusted anyway because she had a sex tape (she didn’t). In all this time, Donald Trump has never really apologized for anything.

Today is different. The Washington Post published a video where Trump and “Access Hollywood” host Billy Bush are caught on a hot mic saying some truly vile things about women. Please watch it We’ve posted it above. It’s important that you know just how awful of a human Donald Trump is. Also, it’s important that you actually hear the Republican nominee for the presidency actually utter the words “grab them by the p***y.”

This video is so condemning for Trump that he actually apologized for once:

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LOL JK. “I’m sorry you’re offended” isn’t an apology; Trump is still a scumbag. But maybe, just maybe, this latest incident will be the final straw that broke the tangerine camel’s back.  Here’s hoping that’s the case.

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Vladimir Putin Nominated For Hugo Chavez Peace Award Because Real Recognizes Real


Vladimir Putin Nominated For Hugo Chavez Peace Award Because Real Recognizes Real


In the age of “everyone get’s a trophy,” it should come as no surprise that Vladimir Putin has been nominated to receive the first ever Hugo Chavez peace prize. Though Venezuela is currently in the middle of financial and social disintegration, President Nicolas Maduro was able to squeeze out enough sponduli to create the honor, which is awarded to those who have “who have excelled in the struggle for peace.” What is it about Venezuela and handing out awards? The prize for winning the peace prize is a small trophy based on Sergey Kazantzev’s statue of Chavez, which was actually a gift from Putin back in 2013. Casual re-gifting is totally OK when the children of your country “are fainting in their classrooms due to hunger.”

Now that Putin has formally been recognized for his peace loving politics, maybe he’ll finally get a VMA for that time he sang, “Blueberry Hill.”


Check out the entire story over at Fox News

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