These Photos Show Just How Much Venezolanos Are Starving

Venezuela’s economic crisis has gone from bad to hellish. Some Venezuelans have resorted to violence to get their hands on the very little food available in the country. Now, Venezuelans are taking to Twitter in an attempt to bring more attention to the crisis bringing Venezuela to a standstill.

A couple of weeks ago, Venezuelans started using the Twitter hashtag #NeverasVaciasEnVenezuela  (“empty fridges in Venezuela”) to show the world just how real the crisis is becoming.

Credit: @libelula67 / Twitter

In February 2016, Venezuelan government officials urged citizens to start gardening. It’s kind of hard to do when you live in the city, which according to NPR, is the case for 83 percent of all Venezuelans. In response to the high number of city dwelling Venezuelans, the Venezuelan government formed the new Ministry of Urban Farming.

People are literally running out of food, and the hashtag is like some sad, reverse version of food porn.

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Manufacturers like Coca-Cola have stopped production in the country.

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Venezuela has relied on oil production to prop up its economy but as oil prices have decreased, inflation and poverty have skyrocketed. If you want to buy a hamburger, you would have to pay more than $100. According to The Economist, nearly 80 percent of Venezuelans are living below the poverty line.

Venezuelans without basic essentials are blaming the government of Nicolás Maduro for destroying their country.

Credit: @Alvinoalvinom / Twitter

A mother in Venezuela posted a YouTube video about the crisis that went viral in Latin America. In it, she blames the government for ruining her country and begs for the world to take notice.

Imagine your abuelita and family without food in the fridge to survive.

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The food shortage is driving prices for goods to go higher and higher.

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Some people are so desperate that they’re eating domesticated animals to survive.

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“People are hunting dogs and cats in the streets, and pigeons in the plazas to eat,” Ramon Muchacho, mayor of the Caracas district of Chacao, tweeted May 3, 2016.

Sadly, there doesn’t appear to be an end in sight as the country’s recession gets worse.

Credit: @EduarJEM / Twitter

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