We Know What The Cast Of OITNB Looks Like Out Of Prison Uniforms, Here Are All The Badass Things They’re Doing

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Now that we’ve all binged season 4 of “Orange Is The New Black,” let’s take a moment to reflect on life outside of Litchfield. Sure, the Latinas have given us a season to admire and love, but what are all of them doing when not behind bars?

Diane Guerrero, a.k.a. Maritza Ramos

Credit: @dianeguerrero_ / Instagram

When she isn’t using pizza to win an election, Diane Guerrero is offering her voice and story to fight for comprehensive immigration reform. The Colombian-American actor has shared very personal and heartbreaking details of the day her own family got deported when she was just 14 years old. Since rising to fame, thanks to her role as Maritza, Guerrero has written a book about her immigration story and has spent time trying to work with politicians to get some form of immigration reform passed.

Jessica Pimentel, a.k.a. Maria Ruiz

Credit: rhyknowforever / YouTube

When she isn’t playing the tormented mother who was separated from her children, Jessica Pimentel is rocking out. Seriously! Pimentel is the lead singer of not one but TWO heavy metal bands. Now, heavy metal was not always the path she thought she would take. The woman behind Maria Ruiz trained as a classical violinist, touring all over Japan and the U.S. playing her music. But, tbh, girl slays on the stage as she leads the bands into hella awesome concerts.

Elizabeth Rodriguez, a.k.a. Aleida Diaz

Credit: @theonlyelizabethrodriguez / Instagram

Elizabeth Rodriguez has captured our attention as the not-so-kind mother trying to make amends on “OITNB,” but when she isn’t playing Aleida Diaz, Rodriguez is all over the stage. With a background in theatre (and a Tony nomination), she continues to own the stage with different shows since becoming a member of the “OITNB” familia.

Laura Gómez, a.k.a. Blanca Flores

Credit: News Update / YouTube

Laura Gómez might look familiar. After all, as as Blanca Flores, she did tell all those white Litchfield inmates that Latinos are in fact taking over the country. ? When she isn’t in prison, Gómez is trying to initiate a change in culture in her home country and in all of Latin America. The Dominican-born actor is using her voice and position in the media to fight alongside the Latin American LGBTQ community for acceptance, rights and protections. While proud of being Dominican, Gómez wants her country to become a safer and more welcoming place for LGBTQ Dominicans.

Selenis Leyva, a.k.a. Gloria Mendoza

Credit: @selenisleyvaofficial / Instagram

Selenis Leyva is the epitome of a philanthropist. When she isn’t running the kitchen as Gloria Mendoza, she is tackling some of society’s most talked about issues. Not only is she an ambassador for Gabrielle’s Angel Foundation for Cancer Research, but she has taken to the talk shows to talk about body positivity for women. During one interview, she expressed her concern that teenagers, like her daughter, are being taught that their curvy bodies aren’t perfect. As a Latina, Leyva says that you need to own your curves because there are people who wish, and would pay, to have those same curves.

Jackie Cruz, a.k.a. Marisol “Flaca” Gonzales

Credit: HeyVivala / YouTube

Sure, we have all seen Jackie Cruz and her tribute to the one and only Selena, but Flaca has been at this game for a minute. Before she was the Flaca of Flaritza (Flaca + Maritza), Cruz was trying to pursue a career in singing. And she ain’t bad, as you can see in this music video from 2010. Now, all we need to know is when she’ll be dropping her very own full-length solo album. You might also remember her days on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”

Dascha Polanco, a.k.a. Dayanara “Daya” Diaz

Credit: @sheisdash / Instagram

Dascha Polanco made our hearts stop as the pregnant inmate to a correction officer’s baby (WHY BENNETT?! WHY?). But when she isn’t Daya, Polanco is breaking barriers and using her voice for some good. Photoed above is Polanco when she joined the NFL’s Women’s Apparel push last year. Did we mention that she was the only Latina in the initiative? Way to represent. When she isn’t bringing more Latina representation to sports, she’s using her voice to further abortion rights. She joined the Center for Reproductive Rights as a celebrity voice, reading the stories of those who are brave enough to share their abortion stories.

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This Mexican Reporter Didn't Want To Get Wet... So The Internet Memed Her


This Mexican Reporter Didn’t Want To Get Wet… So The Internet Memed Her

OK, TV reporters aren’t nearly as respected as print journalists, but they are often willing to put themselves in precarious situations. Some of them brave the elements…

Credit: CNN / YouTube
Credit: CNN / YouTube

Others wade in floodwaters during disasters…

Credit: News 7 Tamil / YouTube
CREDIT: Credit: News 7 Tamil / YouTube

And others face off with life-threatening creatures, just to get a story.

Credit: FOX 5 San Diego / KSWB
CREDIT: Credit: FOX 5 San Diego / KSWB

Not this reporter. Lydia Cumming, who works for TV Azteca in Mexico, was covering a flood in Puebla when she was faced with grave danger: getting her shoes wet. So she did this:

Credit: FAFHOO / Facebook
CREDIT: Credit: FAFHOO / Facebook

Cumming apparently had two people carry her to safety, where her shoes and jeans would be safe from that dirty floodwater.

Once the photo surfaced, the Internet did what it does best: drag her by creating the hashtag #LadyReportera. She had a crazy night out…

Credit: FAFHOO / Facebook
CREDIT: Credit: FAFHOO / Facebook

She avoided a dangerous predator…

Credit: FAFHOO / Facebook
CREDIT: Credit: FAFHOO / Facebook

She joined the WWE…

Credit: FAFHOO / Facebook
CREDIT: Credit: FAFHOO / Facebook

She celebrated her quinceañera once more…

Credit: FAHFOO / Facebook
CREDIT: Credit: FAHFOO / Facebook

She joined Chile’s Copa América victory party…

Credit: @el_viejopaulino / Twitter
CREDIT: Credit: @el_viejopaulino / Twitter

She pissed off Soraya Montenegro…

Credit: FAFHOO / Facebook
CREDIT: Credit: FAFHOO / Facebook

She survived a day of combat…

Credit: FAFHOO / Facebook
CREDIT: Credit: FAFHOO / Facebook

She had a fun little ride…

Credit: FAFHOO / Facebook
CREDIT: Credit: FAFHOO / Facebook

She went on a healthy jog…

Credit: FAFHOO / Facebook
CREDIT: Credit: FAFHOO / Facebook

(With Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto)

She commiserated with fútbol superstar Cristiano Ronaldo…

Credit: FAFHOO / Facebook
CREDIT: Credit: FAFHOO / Facebook

She met another famous Mexican lady, #LadyCajero

Credit: FAFHOO / Facebook
CREDIT: Credit: FAFHOO / Facebook

She kinda sorta did a moonwalk…

Credit: PapaOlvidado / Twitter
CREDIT: Credit: PapaOlvidado / Twitter

And she learned not all nopales are good for you.

Credit: FAFHOO / Facebook
CREDIT: Credit: FAFHOO / Facebook

Also, shout out to the guy in the background of the photo who probably knew this would happen.

Credit: FAFHOO / Facebook
CREDIT: Credit: FAFHOO / Facebook

Peace to you, too, whoever you are.

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