Here Are The Many Ways Gloria from ‘Modern Family’ Is A Kick-Ass Mother

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Gloria Pritchett, Sofia Vergara’s character on “Modern Family,” is often criticized for being a one-dimensional stereotype of Latinas. But, if you actually take time to watch the show, there are lots of moments where Gloria shows more depth than you realize.

She promotes positive body image.

handsome manny boy
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Gloria compliments her son, Manny, and praises how wonderful he is whenever she gets a chance.

She’ll even go as far as enlisting other family members to build his confidence:

beautiful body
Credit: Modern Family / ABC

But she does it for a reason.

Credit: Modern Family / ABC

Soooooo this ^ is why Gloria tries so hard to make sure her son does not have a body complex.

She’s talked about the difficulties of learning a new language.

standing up for how smart she is
Credit: Modern Family / ABC

And she encourages Manny to speak Spanish…

spanish language mother tongue
Credit: Modern Family / ABC

Even though he’d rather learn French.

Credit: @modernfam_ily / Instagram

She doles out great love advice.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 8.10.39 PM
Credit: Modern Family / ABC

 And she defends her home by any means necessary.

Credit: modernfam_ily/Instagram

Remember the time someone egged the Pritchett house? Gloria was HEATED. You know the saying, an eye for an egg. (No one says that.)

She won’t let anyone tell her kids they can’t do something.

Credit: Modern Family/ ABC

Even if they can’t.

She helps her kids conquer their fears.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 10.37.36 AM
Credit: Modern Family / ABC

Much like my mom, Gloria has a fear of bikes and her children riding them. But Gloria knows her fears shouldn’t be passed down to her kids, so she lets Jay teach Manny and herself how to ride a bike.

Manny loved the bike lesson. Gloria did not.

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 10.37.46 AM
Credit: Modern Family / ABC

In the end, Gloria becomes an example for Manny, showing him she won’t give in to her fears.

She keeps her family traditions alive.

passing down salsa
Credit: Modern Family / ABC

She reminds Manny to stop and smell the roses. Literally…

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 11.00.40 AM
Credit: Modern Family / ABC

She makes that che-che-che-CHEDDAR!

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 3.25.11 AM
Credit: Modern Family / ABC

Before Gloria married Jay, she was a single mother who worked her booty off as a hairdresser to make ends meet. She not only enjoyed it AND was really good at it, but also missed it from time to time.

She also teaches Manny how to defend himself…

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 11.18.24 PM
Credit: modernfam_ily/Instagram

And how to walk with confidence.

Credit: Modern Family / ABC

Just like her.

She does whatever she can for her unborn baby.

Credit: MINIONS IN BLACK/Youtube

Gloria dedicated herself to singing to unborn baby Joe after reading that singing helps babies in the womb. Unfortunately, she sounds like a cat in heat when she sings. A very loud cat. In a lot of heat.

Only listen if you are very brave. Or deaf.

She’s always checking in on her kids to make sure they’re OK…

asking kids whats wrong when upset
Credit: Modern Family / ABC

Even when it’s to the point of smothering.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 11.00.50 PM
Credit: Modern Family / ABC

And she’s always reminding her family they are number one.

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