7 Mexican Restaurants That’ll Make Your IG Followers Envious

While we’re all about chasing after the elote man and tailgating taco trucks, sometimes you want something a little ~fancier.~ You know, tablecloths, candlelight, the whole thing. Luckily, Los Angeles is full of really great Mexican (and Mexican fusion) restaurants that are perfect for an elegant and beautiful sit-down dinner you won’t soon forget.

Chichen Itza

Chichen itza is to your belly what money is to Teresa, and once you’ve had a taste, nothing else will matter. The cochinita pibil, succulent pork marinated with achiote, spices, citrus, cooked in banana leaves and served with tortillas, is epic. Order what is perhaps the best horchata in Los Angeles and round out your nice night out by catching a show at the nearby Shrine Auditorium. But you’ll have to smuggle drinks in yourself, because Chichen Itza is a booze-free zone.

Chichen Itza – 3655 S Grand Ave #C6, Los Angeles

Gabbi’s Mexican Kitchen

Gabbi Patrick is no ordinary cocinera. She learned to cook at her parents’ elbows and was managing two of their LA restaurants by age 17. Her creative innovations meet unchanged family recipes, like the smokey habanero salsa that’s been passed down in her family for four generations. Be sure to try Gabbi’s homemade tortillas with the Carnitas Norteñas — they’re worth journeying south on the 405 at rush hour, and that’s saying a lot. Make sure to share the experience with someone worth crossing a freeway for, too.

Gabbi’s Mexican Kitchen – 141 South Glassell Avenue, Orange 

Sonoritas Prime Tacos

There’s a reason LA Weekly named theses the #1 tacos on the Westside. The charcoal grilled filet mignon and ribeye tacos will light a fire in your soul. The vegetarian taco amazes, too. And freshly spit-roasted pork on homemade tortillas with pineapple? Someone, somewhere is going to request this as a last meal. If it’s physically possible (we’re not sure), don’t overfill on tacos — the red velvet churros will round out a perfect meal.

Sonoritas Prime Tacos – 2004 Sawtelle Blvd, Los Angeles

CaCao Mexicatessen

CaCao has a wait, like, all the time, but it’s worth it. Trust. Their duck carnitas tacos and incredible homemade guac will have you melting right along with their spicy hot chocolate. You may have to wait a bit, especially when during its weekend hipster brunchness, but the complimentary rosemary water (and hipster watching) will keep you busy as you wait.

CaCao Mexicatessen– 1576 Colorado Blvd, Eagle Rock

Casa Vega

Killer deep-fried burritos + strong margaritas + romantic low lighting = timeless classic. It’s no wonder Sherman Oak’s Casa Vega has thrived for more than 50 years. Perhaps that’s why Brad Pitt, Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis and the like can be found tucked away in one of Casa’s more private booths (perfect for movie stars and plebe dates alike).

Casa Vega – 13301 Ventura Blvd, Sherman Oaks 

B.S. Taqueria

Hey hey! Check out our beet torta on @lataco today, link in bio. Muchas gracias, @el_dragon_tragon ??

A photo posted by B.S. Taqueria (@bstaqueria) on

Crunch on some chicken skin chicharrones sprinkled with lemon pepper to start, and move on to the formidable rice and bean bowl. Try as many varieties of tacos as you can. With everything from shrimp to garlic mushroom, you won’t be disappointed. Perhaps that’s because of the rich masa on which they all sit — B.S. makes chubby tortillas to order from GMO-free corn because, well, it’s LA. Go on Taco Tuesday and get way more than your money’s worth.

B.S. Taqueria – 514 W 7th St Los Angeles

Coni Seafood

Love at first sight. Mojara frita!

A photo posted by ??CONI'SEAFOOD?? (@coniseafood) on

Coni Seafood’s chef Sergio Peñuelas, whom Jonathan Gold dubbed a “samurai chef” knows his way around a fish fryer like nobody else in the city. Try the tart mango ceviche marinero and their more daring delicacies, like marlin tacos and a secret stash of sea snails(!). The diablo shrimp will push you to your bliss limit, and it’s the perfect food for a romantic night out. (Just take care not to spill sauce on you or your date).

Coni SeafoodW Imperial HwyInglewood, CA 90303

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Here Are 9 Salsas From Across Latin America That You’ll Carry In Your Bag Every Day Of The Week


Here Are 9 Salsas From Across Latin America That You’ll Carry In Your Bag Every Day Of The Week

I guarantee that since Beyonce’s hit anthem ‘Formation’ hit the airwaves, we’ve all been wanting to channel our inner Bey and carry some hot sauce in our bags. But which one would you choose?  

Whether you prefer sweet and sour, ranch, spicy, or mild, when it comes to options, the possibilities are endless!

A sauce’s beauty is that every country has its famous creation that usually accompanies their traditional dishes. Every Latin American country has its mouth-watering sauce that was created using recipes passed down from ancestors.


In Puerto Rico, this sauce is quite popular because of its ají dulce flavor – a mix of sweet and sour notes. The green salsa is the Caribbean’s version of hot sauce and is added to recipes, such as seafood and boiled vegetables.


Few of us don’t know about the magic that is Valentina. Pour that sauce all over your papas, pizza, jicama, elotes, and so much more. And it’s great because it’s available in a variety of heat levels so everyone can enjoy. 


This Habanero Hot Sauce is an original family recipe of the brand and combines just the right amount of heat with each fruit’s natural sweetness. It is handmade in small batches, using only habanero peppers, dates, mangos, and spices. All ingredients are sourced from local farms and are non-GMO and gluten-free certified.

The sauce can be used as a condiment with breakfast burritos, eggs, sandwiches, tacos, pulled pork, steak, chicken, fish, quesadillas, and more.


Chimichurri is mostly tied to Argentina, even though other countries also serve the herb-based salsa. To achieve the perfect chimichurri, mix parsley, oregano, garlic, onion, pepper, vinegar, and olive oil. Pair with meat cuts like churrasco and watch the magic happen.


In Central America, chismol or chirmol is made of tomatoes, onion, peppers and other ingredients. It’s similar to pico de gallo and is used in a variety of dishes.


Sauce, dressing, dip, marinade… Ricante does it all and with no sugar or salt added and with just the right amount of approachable spice. Ricante is not only Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, and Keto Friendly, but tiá approved!

Ricante launched with five incredibly unique hot sauces, marrying non-traditional essences like apples, mangos, carrots, and habaneros.


Pastas are enjoyed all across Latin America, especially in Argentina and Uruguay, which pair the dishes with salsa rosa, a tomato-based sauce mixed with heavy cream. Together, they create a pink paste that blankets a variety of pasta dishes.


Wait, so not all taco bases are citrus?! Tactical Tacos knows how to do taco sauce right with their notes of orange, lime, and cilantro to start your bite out just right, followed up with a perfect hint of Jalapeno and Cayenne pepper in the background. That’s just their mild sauce, Snafu. The Fire Fight and Ghost Protocol give you a similar ride with the citrus kick but with a much bigger spice hit for those that are brave enough to try it out!


Mole is a spicy-and-sweet sauce made from chocolate that translates. The dark brown sauce gets its heat from chiles, but also has a touch of sweetness from the cacao, almonds, and peanuts often added. The sauce is topped with sesame seeds.

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A Mexican Artist Is Making Pancake Art That’s Too Beautiful To Eat


A Mexican Artist Is Making Pancake Art That’s Too Beautiful To Eat

Social media is where people can show off just about anything they create. This includes art in any and all media, like pancake art. Claudia, the creator behind Nappan Pancake art, is the latest artist watching their art reach the masses.

Claudia, the artist behind Nappan Pancake art, got her start because of the pandemic.


casi ✨1 año✨haciendo #pancakeart 🥞 #parati #foryou #viral #trend #glowup #art #foryoupage

♬ Inox la bggg – ᗰᗩᖇIE ᗰOI ᑎᗩᖇᑌTO

The artist first started to play around with pancake art last spring break when the pandemic forced businesses and schools to close. Claudia wanted to get more creative with her kids’ breakfasts since they were now always at home.

“I started experimenting with making Pancake art,” Claudia recalls to mitú. “At first I only used the color of the natural dough and a little cocoa. At first, I just used the ketchup dispensers and little by little I learned.”

Claudia uses her pancake art to honor some truly iconic people.


Responder a @detodoun_poco233 Cepillín ✨🥞✨ en nuestros ♥️ #parati #fy #HijosAdopTiktoks #adoptiktoks #viral #foryou @cepillintv #pancakeart ncakeart

♬ La Feria de Cepillin – Cepillín

Cepillín recently died and the loss was felt throughout the community. He made our lives joyous and fun with his music, especially his birthday song. Some of the creations are done for fans who request to see their faves turned into delicious pancake art.

The artist loves creating the edible works of art.

The journey of becoming a pancake artist has been a fun adventure for Claudia and her children. The more she has practiced, the more she has been able to do.

“Sometimes I scream with excitement and I go to all the members of my house to see it,” Claudia says about her successes. “Other times it’s just a feeling like “disappointment could be better” other times it just breaks or burns and then I just cry but it usually feels very satisfying.”

You can check out all of her creations on TikTok.


Responder a @reyna100804santoyo siii🥞✨ díganle que me adopte 🥺 @ederbez #adoptiktoks #hijosadoptiktoks #parati #foryou #viral #fy #art #pancakeart

♬ Little Bitty Pretty One – Thurston Harris

With 350,000 followers and growing, it won’t be long until more people start to fully enjoy Claudia’s art. Her children can’t get enough of it and she is so excited to share it with the rest of the world.

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