Here Are Some Of The Weirdest “Latino” Items We Could Find On EBay

I’ve always been a huge fan of flea markets. Not the fancy craft ones where someone is trying to sell custom-made dreamcatchers for $500. You know the kind I’m talking about. Those borderline illegal flea markets where you can purchase bootleg versions of movies, samurai swords with laser sights, and still have enough money left to buy a sweet Mother’s Day gift (fireworks). That’s where eBay comes in. If you want, you can buy furniture to make your home look nice, but if you really do some digging, you can find some really bizarre and unique collectibles. Here are just few I found yesterday when I should have been working.

$200: A Selena Quintanilla beach towel.

$60,000: A used Mexican food restaurant.

$7,995: A website domain called “Latino Bail Bonds.”

$25: A Chupacabra fetus.

$9,999,999: An accordion named “Papillon.”


At just under $10 million, the asking price is a little on the steep side. I might be persuaded to drop some coin on it if Rick from Pawn Stars was actually in the photo, but if you look closely, you’ll see that it’s just a cardboard cutout. Sadly, the Rick photobombing the photo is also a cardboard cutout.

$899.95: Creepy “Latino” Dolls.

$9.99: Vintage Wonder Woman toy from Mexico.


I’m pretty sure this Wonder Woman toy is not endorsed by DC. First of all, she looks like she just went 10 rounds with Doomsday. And, if I had to guess, I’m sure Superman wouldn’t be able to see through it because it’s probably 100 percent lead. If you’re looking for an amazing bootleg toy to get your kid, this is hands down the best knock-off I’ve ever seen.

Vintage photo of “Teen Hispanic Latinas.” Asking Price $4.50.

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