Workplace Deportation Raids May Be In The Future For The U.S.

Now that the election has ended, most people are going back to their normal lives. However, this isn’t necesarily true for immigrants. After being placed in the crosshairs of a vicious election campaign, many will spend the next few months debating whether they should live in fear or leave the U.S. This begs the questions: Why were immigrants so heavily targeted during this campaign if data from the American Immigration Council shows that they are much less likely to commit crimes than U.S.-born citizens?

If immigrants are less likely to commit crimes, why did Trump make so many threats to deport millions of them?

During the election campaign, Trump claimed he would deport up to 11 million immigrants in this country. Since that time, President-elect Trump has changed his tune, saying that he would be open to deporting between 2 million and 3 million immigrants. That’s a HUUGE difference.

In the business world, this is called “anchoring.” You’ve probably done it yourself. Let’s say you asked your dad for money to take someone on a date. Pops asks how much you need. You need 20 bucks (not the most expensive date ever), but you say, “I need $50.” Your dad gets annoyed by that number, and says, “I’ll give you $20, and you’re lucky to get that.” You reluctantly say “thanks,” even though that’s all you wanted in the first place. That’s anchoring.

Trump’s rhetoric was so anti-immigrant, that he can now deport 2 million to 3 million immigrants, and it’ll feel like a compromise from the 11 million he threatened to deport earlier this year.

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Because deporting 2 million immigrants is easier to stomach than 11 million, right? But in fact, the number is still extremely high. Trump’s fiery rhetoric on immigration has also scared immigrants so much, they may very well leave the country out of fear of being deported or arrested — or worse. No one knows what Trump is actually planning at this moment, and that’s a solid business practice. Doing this, he’s employed fear to encourage people to leave, making his job easier. If anything, Trump has turned a class on business 101 into economic policy.

Immigrants were also targeted because they’re an easy target.

Under the Obama administration, leftist ideals dominated the political discourse and our nation. Our country became a nation that encouraged immigrant inclusion, and relaxed its borders. (Despite being called the “Deporter In Chief,” deportation numbers under Obama only appear bigger based on a shift in how “deportation” is measured. Deportations have actually decreased.) This has lead many people to feel that our country was leaving behind the poor working class in the process. In 2015, several news outlets reported that there were now more minority children in this country than any other ethnicity. According to the Pew Research Center, since the 1970s, immigrants are the sole reason this country’s population has increased. Conversely, in 2013, white people died faster than they were born, creating an alarming deficit. Taking all of this into consideration, immigrants are creating a demographic shift in the U.S, and by 2050, minorities are set to become the majority in the U.S. 

The caucasian-birth deficit is one of the concerns at Steve Bannon’s “Breitbart.”


If you’ve heard the name Steve Bannon in the last few days, chances are the headlines were either extremely angry or extremely pleased. Here’s why: Steve Bannon is Donald Trump’s chief strategist, and he runs a website called Breitbart. In an interview with Benjamin Harnwell, Bannon described the website as the third largest conservative website, with a reach that extends well beyond Fox News’. In a May 25 article published to Steve Bannon’s Breitbart, Benjamin Harnwell stated the following, “I do believe that there is an international movement […] to reduce global population. I’m certain of that.” He also stated, “every country, unless it’s being maintained through immigration, will decline and collapse.”

The population of the U.S. would “decline and collapse” without immigrants.


So if the population of the U.S. is sustained by immigration, it makes little sense that Breitbart writer Benjamin Harnwell would be against what’s keeping the U.S. population afloat. So why would he support deportation? As the Pew Research data suggests, the world’s population will reach nearly 10 billion by the year 2050. Minorities are not on a path to extinction, but the birth-deficits among caucasians is real. While Harnwell doesn’t come out and say that, he is concerned about population decline in a world where data proves the population is not declining. So which population is he worried about? The one that’s in decline. This point of view is one of the reasons people are concerned about Breitbart’s ideals. Granted, Harnwell’s opinions are not Bannon’s.

Here’s how Trump will carry out his plan.

Trump’s team is already outling tactics that will allow workplace raids, which could be inhibited in areas that are called Sanctuary Cities. Since last Wednesday, Trump made the mandate that Sanctuary Cities must help the government locate local undocumented immigrants or else they will have their government funding cut – depriving them of billions of dollars. Trump has also stated that the only way immigrants could acquire legal status is by leaving the country, then applying. After toning down talks of building a wall, Trump’s transition team has now come out saying they will build the wall and is also “mulling” a registry for immigrants from Muslim countries.  The transition team has stated they will carry out some plans with or without Congress’ approval. Is this another example of Trump’s business talk? We can’t say for sure yet, so the best thing you can do is stay informed.

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Mexico Wants American Tourists Despite Ongoing Covid Pandemic


Mexico Wants American Tourists Despite Ongoing Covid Pandemic

VV Nincic / Flickr

Covid-19 has ended a lot of stuff for a lot of people. The most obvious change has been to international travel, especially for Americans. As the virus has spread widely across the U.S. countries have put a halt to allowing American tourist within their border, but not Mexico.

Covid-19 has severly depreciated the American passport.

Once capable of unlocking so many countries, the U.S. passport is no longer helping Americans travel abroad. Instead, the American passport has now become a hindrance for global travelers. Most countries have placed restrictions on American tourists making the U.S. passport one of the weakest.

The countries banning the U.S. are doing so because of the state of the virus in the country.

There have been more than 7 million cases of Covid-19 and more than 200,000 deaths from the virus. The U.S. remains the worst hit country and the global epicenter of the deadly virus. Many blame the lack of a national strategy to properly close down, test citizens, and contact trace those who have been exposed as the reason the virus has been so devastating in the U.S.

The various travel bans have kept families apart.

Other nations went into mush stricter lockdowns that the U.S. and got a handle of the virus. European countries have gotten the virus under control after months and the U.S. continues to see a large number of new cases daily.

One of the countries allowing Americans to visit is Mexico.

Mexico is heavily reliant on the money made from the tourism industry. According to official statistics, the tourism industry is the third-largest contributor to the country’s GDP. Major tourist destinations like Cabo and Cancún saw dramatic dips in tourism leading to national and local figures to sound the alarm. According to The Washington Post, the questions was posed about when to allow the tourists from the U.S. back, not should they.

Los Cabos is one of the hardest-hit tourist destinations.

The tourist destination saw a severe decline in tourists during one of the busiest times of the year. According to The Washington Post, the resort city has lost 80 percent of its revenue because of Covid-19. The virus has brought financial devastation to people across the world and the cities they live in aren’t immune to failing themselves.

“It’s life or death for us,” Rodrigo Esponda, the head of the Los Cabos tourism board, told The Washington Post. “There’s nothing else here. No industrial production. No farming or commercial fishing. It’s tourism or nothing.”

Yet, Los Cabos should be a warning sign to the rest of Mexico.

Cases in Baja California, the state where Los Cabos is located, saw new Covid case numbers triple from 50 a day to 150. The increase in infections is to be expected as the state rolled out the welcome mat for Americans coming to visit the resort town.

“There are some residents who say, ‘Why put my family’s life in danger by inviting more visitors, restarting more flights?’” Luis Humberto Araiza López, tourism minister of Baja California Sur, told The Washington Post. “It’s a delicate line between trying to support public health and economic growth.”

Despite this, there are some countries that Americans can travel to.

The countries Americans can travel to without Covid restrictions are Albania, Belarus, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Mexico, North Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, and Zambia. As the world continues to open up, Americans who travel abroad are waiting for the U.S. government to get the virus under control. Until then, the U.S. passport is not the same it used to be.

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You Can Order A ‘Taco Vacuna’ And ‘La Cura’ At This Covid 19-Themed Taqueria


You Can Order A ‘Taco Vacuna’ And ‘La Cura’ At This Covid 19-Themed Taqueria

Tacovid: SaborViral / Facebook

Pandemia. Brote. Vacuna. La Peste. Although you may find these terms in a glossary about the Covid-19 outbreak, that’s not what these words actually refer to. Instead, they’re options on the menu at a Mexican taqueria called “Tacovid: Sabor Viral”, a perhaps surprisingly very successful Coronavirus-themed restaurant.

Although to many having a Covid-themed taqueria may seem morbid or disrespectful or perhaps gross – I mean who wants to order a plague taco? – the taqueria is making light of a very serious situation with humor. Something that several other businesses have done since the pandemic began.

”Tacovid: Sabor Viral” is the Mexican taqueria going viral – pun intended – for its Covid-themed menu.

Ok…virus-themed tacos don’t exactly sound appetizing. Especially, as we’re still in the midst of a very real pandemic. But one 23-year-old man in the Mexican city of León, who was forced to close down his dance studio because of Coronavirus, is counting on a Covid-themed restaurant – and so far he’s been surprised by its success.

Brandon Velázquez converted his dance academy into a taquería at the end of July, and given that Mexico and the rest of the world was – and is – in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic decided to call it Tacovid Sabor Viral.

“I had to close my dance academy during the pandemic [but] then an opportunity arose to return to the same place, however, people still did not go out for fear of getting infected.” he told the newspaper El Universal.

“I had always wanted to open a taqueria and, at the end of July, the opportunity to do so occurred. It was how I took advantage of the moment to create this business with a coronavirus theme,” he added.

Items on the menu are named after – you guessed it – the Coronavirus and don’t sound like anything you’d willfully choose to order.

The young entrepreneur detailed the name of each dish, taking full advantage of the Coronavirus theme.

“We have around 12 different dishes, among them are the ‘Tacovid’; we have ‘Forty’, ‘Quesanitizing’, ‘Pandemic’, ‘Outbreak’, and many others. The price varies depending on the dish you order,” he told El Universal.

In addition to themed dishes, the servers also fit the Coronavirus-theme.

When the pandemic hit Mexico, the government urged Mexicans to observe “su sana distancia” and the now common mascot – Susana Distancia – was born.

“In the restaurant, a waitress dressed as a nurse with the name of ‘Susana’ takes orders and works the tables, referring to the healthy distance campaign that was implemented as a precautionary measure,” he says.

To his surprise – and honestly mine as well – the taqueria has been very successful.

Brandon told El Universal that he’s been pleasantly surprised by the support he has received from customers. “I’m surprised because we have had really good sales, despite the circumstances, we have had a lot of support by the community and we’ve already expanded to have two locations.”

“Customers are funny about the theme we are using in the business, and they are delighted with the dishes we are offering. They enjoy it and have a good time,” added Brandon.

Things are looking so good for Brandon and his Covid-themed taqueria, that he’s looking to expand the food business and add new dishes to the menu. “There is always the idea of new names for other dishes that we want to include in the menu.”

Brandon also said that he’s looking to build out a business model so the restaurant could expand to other parts of the country as a franchise.

Apparently, people are really into Covid-themed foods, as this isn’t the first place that a shop as cashed in on the pandemic. Back in April, a panadería was selling out of Covid-themed baked goods so quickly, they couldn’t keep the shelves stocked.

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