Here Are 9 Examples Of The Weirdest Advice Our Moms Ever Gave Us

Mom always had so much advice for us growing up. Half of it was pretty solid, but the other half was was just plain weird…

She had some solid advice about staying safe while wandering around the city.

Looking poor isn’t exactly the best way to meet new people, but okay ‘ma.

And then after telling you to look poor to be safe, she tells you to dress nice since you’re an ambassador for the family.

Make up your mind!

She always wanted to be inspirational, but sometimes struggled to find the right words.

I promise, ma. I will always carpal tunnels.

From a flu to a broken heart, she swore this was the cure for everything.

Okay, this might still be the case.

The sex talk(?)

Not sure what the takeaway is here.

She was always concerned for your physical and spiritual well-being.

*sews on a baseball cap*

No one knows reverse psychology better than amá.

It worked every single time.

And she always acted like she was a legit doctor.

But then she makes us take our shoes off when we walk into her house ?.

Okay, there was some weird advice that was helpful.

This is the only way to flush a public toilet if you don’t want to end up dead or in the hospital.

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