This Latina In Trump’s Administration Explains Why There Are No Latinos In Trump’s Cabinet

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Helen Aguirre Ferré, the director of media affairs for the White House, first made headlines related to President Trump when she was tapped to be the Republican National Committee’s Hispanic communications director. Now, she’s explaining why there are no Latinos in Trump’s cabinet and exactly what Trump’s strategy is when it comes to immigration.

Helen Aguirre Ferré wants Americans to know that the lack of Latinos in President Trump’s cabinet is nothing more than picking the best for the job.

According to an interview Ferré did with Phil Latzman with Phoenix’s KJZZ, Ferré says there is nothing to read into when it comes to Trump’s white cabinet. In fact, Ferré told Latzman that there are more Latinos working in Trump’s administration than we might have noticed.

“There is a senior advisor, Carlos Díaz Rosillo, who’s a senior advisor to the President. He’s very prominent in this administration and he works with interagency affairs. There are a number, there’s going to be 4,000 employees that are going to be a part of this administration,” Ferré told Latzman. “Certainly, you’re going to be seeing very many [Latinos]. We have a Deputy Assistant to Public Liaison Jennifer Sevilla Korn and she’s Hispanic.”

As for his executive orders on the border wall and immigration, she says they are about national security starting with the border.

“First of all, border security and building the wall was [sic] part of President Trump’s campaign promise, one of his promises, and he’s fulfilling his promises. So we’re going to have a secure border,” Ferré said in her interview with KJZZ. “And I don’t know of any nation that doesn’t want to have control over their border. It’s every nation’s sovereign right to be able to do so. We have immigration laws that are going to be continued to be enforced.”

Ferré argued that there will not be any changes to current immigration laws, only that the laws currently on the books will be enforced. In doing so, Ferré told Latzman that Border Patrol and border towns and states will be getting more resources to stem illegal immigration.

Ferré says the move to defund sanctuary cities is about strengthening federal law.

“We all have laws and we are a country where the rule of law stands. If we don’t like the laws, then we work to change the laws, but we begin where it starts and we begin by securing our border and that’s step one,” Ferré told KJZZ about why cities and states shouldn’t be allowed to pick and chose what federal laws they want to follow. “The ones who really have to fear are those who are criminals. Those are the main points. Those who are here undocumented in our country, they’ve always been subject to the risk of being found and deported.”

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Defiant California Set To Vote On Act That Would Make Entire State A Sanctuary For Undocumented Immigrants


Defiant California Set To Vote On Act That Would Make Entire State A Sanctuary For Undocumented Immigrants


Over the last several weeks, President Trump has put sanctuary cities on notice: stop protecting undocumented immigrants or risk losing billions in federal funding for state programs. California’s political leaders are far from intimidated, and in fact are now discussing turning the entire state into a sanctuary for its undocumented population, The Hill reports.

On Tuesday, California’s Senate Public Safety Committee approved the California Values Act, which calls for several protections for undocumented immigrants.

The Act, which was introduced in December, would provide several protections for undocumented residents, including legal funding for undocumented immigrants. It would also block “immigration enforcement” in several institutions, including schools and hospitals. San Francisco has already filed a lawsuit against the Trump Administration, saying it violates the Tenth Amendment, according to The Hill.

Undocumented immigrants are in integral part of California’s identity, economy and history.

It’s not just about the money for California’s politicians, as they are already willing to sacrifice federal funding to protect their undocumented immigrant population. Governor Jerry Brown has gone on record, according to Yahoo! News, saying that they are “integral” to what California stands for. “They have helped create the wealth and dynamism of this state from the very beginning,” said Brown.

The push for sanctuary status is led by the legislation, which is majority Democrat.

Prior to 1992, California was largely Republican. But the growing Latino population, which is now a majority in the state, has pushed the state towards the left, creating a super majority of Democrats in the state legislation. As of today, 27 of California’s Senators are Democrats. Senate President and Democrat Kevin de León released a statement back in December, saying, “We will not stand by and let the federal government use our state and local agencies to separate mothers from their children.”

The California Values Act is scheduled to move to the Senate, where it will go up for vote.

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