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This Former Dishwasher Owns One Of The Most Popular Mexican Restaurants In San Francisco

“I lived in a living room with, like, seven other people.”

Gonzalo Guzman, the head chef of Nopalito in San Francisco, has come a long way. He was only 15 when he left his home in Puebla to cross the border. Guzman, his father, and 8 other people packed into an apartment in San Francisco, where Guzman began working as a dishwasher. Wondering how Guzman got a job at age 15? He lied and told his employers he was 18. After years of working as a dishwasher, Guzman, worked his way up the ladder and eventually opened up his own restaurant, Nopalito, a traditional Mexican food spot that uses organic, local produce.

Guzman spent a night out with Munchies where he discussed the inspiration for his restaurant and visited some of his favorite places to eat in San Francisco.

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It Is Time We Recognize The Best Of Venezuelan Food Porn

Food & Drink

It Is Time We Recognize The Best Of Venezuelan Food Porn

@lordrunner / Instagram

We all love some tacos and empanadas but have you even tried Venezuelan food? Like, for real. Some of these dishes are enough to make you want to lick your screen. Check out these Venezuelan dishes you’ll want to try asap.

1. Hallacas

Credit: @arefiscocina / Instagram

Basically, if you love tamales you’ll love hallacas. Sadly, you’ll have to wait for the holidays. ?

2. Quesillo

Credit: @picanhagrill / Instagram

Flan’s cousin. ‘Nuff said.

3. Arepa

Credit: @miarepadeliveryorlando / Instagram

Just look at it. ? *drools profusely on keyboard*

4. Cachapas

Credit: @lordrunner / Instagram

How could you possibly say no to a sweet corn pancake filled with cheese and meat?

5. Empanadas

Credit: @perdidosenchile / Instagram

Most Latino countries have some form of empanada, but Venezuelan empanadas take the crown. Look how fluffy they are ?.

6. Tequeños

Credit: @sescalante / Instagram

Cheese. Dough. Fried. Done.

7. Chicha

Credit: @venearepas / Instagram

The most heavenly upgrade of the classic horchata. Totally worth the calories, amirite?

8. Pan de Jamón

Credit: @jacatergou / Instagram

Another holiday tradition that really deserves a place at the table year-round.

9. Pabellón

Credit: @egdalyscarrizales / Instagram

Everything about this is making me drool RN.

 10. Sancocho

Credit: @bartokys_madrid / Instagram

Caldo is great and all but sancocho is the way to go, y’all.

11. Pepito

Credit: @mrpepitopty / Instagram

Corn, cheese and whatever the f*ck you want baked on bread. My heart, try to be still.

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