This Former Dishwasher Owns One Of The Most Popular Mexican Restaurants In San Francisco

“I lived in a living room with, like, seven other people.”

Gonzalo Guzman, the head chef of Nopalito in San Francisco, has come a long way. He was only 15 when he left his home in Puebla to cross the border. Guzman, his father, and 8 other people packed into an apartment in San Francisco, where Guzman began working as a dishwasher. Wondering how Guzman got a job at age 15? He lied and told his employers he was 18. After years of working as a dishwasher, Guzman, worked his way up the ladder and eventually opened up his own restaurant, Nopalito, a traditional Mexican food spot that uses organic, local produce.

Guzman spent a night out with Munchies where he discussed the inspiration for his restaurant and visited some of his favorite places to eat in San Francisco.

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