This Sunglass Company Is Recognizing They F-d Up After Their Offensive Tweet About Mexicans

Earlier this month, Mexican Formula One racer Sergio Pérez dropped his sponsor, Hawkers, after they tweeted a message that he, and many others, found offensive…

The tweet, which was sent out in the wake of the Presidential Election, was not well received by their Mexican audience.


In English, the tweet translates to: “Mexicans, put on these sunglasses so people don’t notice your puffy eyes while they build the wall tomorrow.” Hawkers quickly deleted the tweet, and has been in apology mode since, releasing several tweets acknowledging their mistake. Customers were still not impressed.

This week, however, Hawkers has gone all-in on their remorse, pledging to donate $500,000 pesos – or $24,000 USD – to a children’s charity on behalf of Sergio “Checo” Pérez.


Hawkers also released the statement through Mexican newspaper El Universal, extending a heartfelt acknowledgment of what they did wrong, and a pledge to never let it happen again. In their words:

Dear Sergio, sometimes we have accidents. You, more than anybody else, knows this. Although we don’t expect this accident to be forgotten, we will do everything possible to make sure that it doesn’t happen again.


We will continue to be with you, with the people of Mexico and with all those who oppose discrimination and racism in the world.

Hawkers named the charity the Dear Sergio x Hawkers Foundation, dedicated to defending human rights and helping at-risk children.


The press release was signed by Hawkers’ CEO Alex Moreno and its co-founder, David Moreno. As part of their pledge, the company will donate the same amount of money every year.

And social media has responded to Hawkers’ display of humility and respect.


As of today, “Checo” Pérez has not made a statement regarding Hawkers’ efforts to mend fences.


After Hawkers’ tweet incident, Pérez was quick to respond, saying, “I will never allow anyone to make fun of my country.” He promptly dropped the sponsor, leaving them with thousand of unsold custom glasses. Even with Hawkers’ attempts at apologies, the Formula One racer hasn’t released a statement via Twitter. Whether or not he chooses to forgive them remains to be seen, but it’s nice to see something good come out of this.

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Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérez Wins F1 Race Bringing Mexico This Victory After 50-Year Dry Spell


Sergio ‘Checo’ Pérez Wins F1 Race Bringing Mexico This Victory After 50-Year Dry Spell

Sergio “Checo” Pérez is the pride of Mexico after winning his first Formula One race. It is the first time in 50 years that a Mexican driver has won the famed racing title. Obviously, there have been a lot of celebrations on social media to recognize the driver’s achievement.

Sergio “Checo” Pérez made history with an incredible Formula 1 race victory.

The Mexican driver beat the odds to clinch a Formula 1 race win in Bahrain. The last time a Mexican driver won the title was Pedro Rodríguez in 1970 in the Belgian Grand Prix. The race was one for the history books as Pérez came from last place to win in an incredible display of athleticism.

“I am a bit shocked, to be honest. I don’t find the words. I’m a bit in limbo right now,” Pérez told BBC. “As a driver you dream for this time, to be in this position, for so many years. I worked my whole life for a moment like this. To finally achieve it… It’s difficult to digest. I think it will take a couple of days, but it’s just something incredible.”

The race was a pulse-pounding experience for the racers and viewers.

Pérez started in 5th and immediately fell to last place during the first lap. It honestly seemed like he was in for a real fight but he quickly started to recover. The driver pushed himself and quickly started to climb the ranks and was not letting up. Some clever maneuvers and smart driving helped Pérez quickly close the gap between him and first place. Once he was in the lead, Pérez never let his position go and the rest is history.

Pérez’s place on the podium was an understandably emotional moment.

Hearing that Mexican national anthem playing over the speakers must have been an incredible experience. Athletes work their entire lives to get to a moment like the one Pérez experienced. After years of hard work and dedication, Pérez can be recognized as one of the best in the world and that is something to be proud of.

Mexico is celebrating the driver’s achievement.

Felicidades, Checo! All of Mexico and Mexicans around the world are so proud to know that you did that thing. You are making Mexico and Mexicans proud and we salute you and your historic win.

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This Tweet Was Meant To Be Funny, But Mexico Isn’t In A Laughing Mood These Days


This Tweet Was Meant To Be Funny, But Mexico Isn’t In A Laughing Mood These Days

Over the last several years, Sergio Pérez, 26, has continually proved himself to be one of the premier drivers in the racing world. Only the fifth Mexican to race for the prestigious Formula One racing, Pérez impressive record has gained the attention of countless fans and numerous, high-profile sponsors. However, Pérez decided to part ways with sunglasses sponsor, Hawkers, after they released a tweet he, and many other Mexicans, found offensive, ESPN reports. That tweet?

“Mexicans, put on these glasses so they can’t see your swollen/crying eyes tomorrow when building the wall.”


In the wake of the election results, Hawkers – a company based out of Spain – tweeted out what was meant to be a joke (with a picture of sunglasses), but for many Mexicans, who actually fear the prospect of a Trump presidency, and are currently facing the collapse of the peso, the joke was in poor taste.

The “Hawkers Mx” Twitter account quickly deleted the tweet, but not before it escaped Sergio Pérez’s radar.


Pérez was quick to reprimand “Hawkers” for their insensitive tweet.


Shortly after their tweet, Pérez dropped the sponsor, and told “Hawkers” that they would’t be allowed to sell his line of limited edition sunglasses – leaving them with about 20,000 unsaleable glasses. While some might see Pérez’s actions as an overreaction, it can’t be discounted that he lives in a Mexico that has been the political punching bag of a man who now controls one of the strongest militaries in the world. In a statement, Pérez clarified his stance, according to The Guardian:

“They are very sorry and I am very sorry, too. I know the owners and they have done incredibly well and the relationship was going to be very successful. But my country and people come first and I want to support them and won’t let anyone make fun of my country.”

Since the snafu, “Hawkers” has attempted to explain it was done as a joke, and not to taunt the people of Mexico.


This tweet from Hawkers tried to remind people that having the ability to laugh at yourself is one of great things about being Mexican. Right?

Customers were less than convinced.


Not everyone likes to laugh, apparently.


After the company received several angry tweets from their customers, Hawkers co-founder David Moreno apologized for the grief their tweet caused.


According to The Guardian, Sergio Pérez realizes that the tweet was the work of one man, not the entire company, but for Pérez, the damage had already been done, saying, “It is a shame that the brand pays for it. It is a mistake by one person and I am sure he regrets it now but that is how things are in life sometimes.”

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