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Hailed a Hero: Boy Saves Classmates after School Bus Crashed and Careened into a Lake

Credit: ABC / Leo Portillo / YouTube

From Boyhood to Hero Status

From bad day to pretty cool, 10-year-old Nicholas Sierra is being hailed a hero after helping rescue his classmates. Early Friday morning in Florida, the brakes allegedly gave out on a school bus carrying dozens of children. After hitting a sign post and tree, the bus careened into a lake. Bus driver and Sierra tag teamed the situation. While the driver stayed on board to make sure the kids were ok, Sierra helped swim his friends to safety — everyone made it. Betcha he got ice cream for dinner tonight.???

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Students Respond to Trump Supporters Who Tried Shaming Latinos


Students Respond to Trump Supporters Who Tried Shaming Latinos

The Responses Will Make You Proud

Donald Trump supporters tried to shame Latinos during a protest in Dallas, by yelling “Go clean my room, bitch!” and other comments which would normally be offensive. But first-generation college students like Andrew Fuentes and Rael Reyes, take no offense to the blue collar work their parents are doing. The parents of these students clean houses, mow lawns, work at K-Mart. Some students like Angel Ramirez have even done construction work to pay his way through college. These students stand up to Donald Trump supporters and what they say will fill you with pride.

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