This Guy Throw a Quinceañera for His Dog

Meet Mike Chesworth. He loves his dog, Angel.

He loves Angel so much that he decided to throw her a quinceañera.

Credit: Mike Chesworth / Facebook

In a Facebook video, Chesworth said he wanted Angel to live a long, prosperous life. So he promised Angel he’d throw her a quinceañera on the day she turned 15 (in human years).

But he didn’t just buy Angel a dress. He rolled out the red carpet…

And they made a grand entrance together.

There was even a bounce house for the canine guests.

Of course, a mariachi was on hand to play a few songs for Angel.

There was a bone-shaped cake…

But there was no vals. Angel and her pals had to settle for piñata.

Watch the full video:

Angel’s Quinceañera ✨

(Doggie Birthday Party) Feliz Cumpleaños, Science says we love our dogs like children… some kids are really LUCKY!!!
Photographer: Jacob Burke

Posted by Mike Chesworth on Monday, December 7, 2015

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