A California Man Almost Died because of a Tapeworm Larva Living in His Brain

Before his senior year at San Francisco State University, Luis Ortiz was hospitalized for a severe headache and nausea. Next thing he knew, he was in emergency surgery. WARNING: You *will not* be able to unsee this.

Luis Ortiz is a 26-year-old man from Napa, California.

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Seems like a normal guy, right? But there is one small thing about this dude.

He once had a tapeworm larva living in his brain.

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Yeah. You read that right. A TAPEWORM.

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How’d it get there? Doctors could only think of three things: eating undercooked pork, swimming in a river, or visiting a third-world country. Luis Ortiz said he had not done any of those things recently. ?

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The thing burrowed into a cyst in his brain and started blocking blood flow.

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It caused him to have a severe headache and nausea before slipping into a coma when he got to the hospital.

Luis Ortiz had NO idea there was something just chilling in his brain.

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“I was shocked,” Ortiz told CBS San Francisco. “I just couldn’t believe something like that would happen to me. I didn’t know there was a parasite in my head trying to ruin my life.”

Dude had 30 minutes after arriving at the hospital to have surgery or he’d be dead.

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Talk about a dramatic time.

*Warning* Here is an example of a brain tapeworm removal.

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Wait? I had a headache this morning…

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*packs up life and drives to hospital*

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Luckily, doctors removed the tapeworm without incident.

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All that remains of the tapeworm is some memory loss and a small scar on his forehead.

Luis Ortiz has no idea how the tapeworm got there, but he is happy the ordeal is over.

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“It’s probably more gratifying to me to be living, because if I would have waited a little bit longer, then I probably wouldn’t be here right now,” Luis Ortiz told CBS.

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