This is the Latino Rock Star from Latin America’s Google Doodle

BMG Ariola

Did you see today’s Google Doodle?


If you’re using Google in Latin America, there’s a curly-haired guy strumming a guitar. The phrase “¡gracias totales!” also pops up. Wondering what the deal is?

It’s none other than Argentine rock legend Gustavo Cerati.

Photo Credit: Frank Micelotta / Getty

He was the frontman for the influential rock group Soda Stereo.

Credit: Sony / joaco / YouTube

Soda Stereo was one of the biggest rock bands in Latin America throughout the ’80s and ’90s. After breaking up in the late ’90s, the band reunited in 2007 for the Me Verás Volver tour.

Cerati died last year after spending four years in a coma.

Photo Credit: BMG Ariola

He was 55. The coma was brought on by a stroke he suffered in 2010.  A new book titled Cerati: La Biografía, recounts Cerati’s career and final days before his death.

This how fans in Argentina reacted on the day of his funeral.


Yep. He was a big deal.

Cerati also had an accomplished solo career.

Photo Credit: BMG Ariola

After the break-up of Soda Stereo, Cerati could have called it a career and retired as a superstar. But he continued on as a solo artist, releasing six solo albums, included the critically-acclaimed Bocanada.

Today, August 11, would have been Cerati’s 56th birthday.


So Google is celebrating his birthday with their doodle. And the doodle says “¡gracias totales! because…

“Gracias totales” were Cerati’s last words during Soda Stereo’s farewell concert in 1997.

Credit: MTV Latin America / BMG Ariola / YouTube

Dominicana-Boricua Melanie Martinez Shows You the Dark Side of Pop


Dominicana-Boricua Melanie Martinez Shows You the Dark Side of Pop

Stephanie Lopez

This is pop singer Melanie Martinez.

She’s a Dominican-Puerto Rican singer who made a name for herself on season three of The Voice.

She may dress like a doll…

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But she’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

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Just listen to her lyrics.


Martinez found her voice by being on TV.

Martinez was only 17 when she appeared on The Voice. After choosing Team Adam, she developed her confidence throughout the competition, sailing through the battle rounds and knockouts.

She built an audience with her distinctive vocals.

Credit: Manow Contento / YouTube

Martinez’s breathy vocals helped her give songs like “Seven Nation Army” a fresh vibe. By the time Martinez was eliminated – she performed The Show by Australian singer-songwriter Lenka – she had already become a fan favorite.

Then she spread her wings.

After The Voice, Martinez released an EP, Dollhouse, which reaffirmed the child-like style and image she displayed on the show. With lyrics as dramatic as her makeup, Martinez takes listeners on a trip to a twisted Barbie doll’s world.

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She’s got a style all her own.


Beyond her musical and artistic talents, Melanie has a very unique fashion sense. She dresses like a child – bright, loud colors – but she’s got a dark side.

Martinez says it isn’t an act.

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💐#35mm💐 📷: @milesnasta

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Martinez says what you see is what you get. “Everything in my life is based on my childhood. I dress like a 5-year-old and I eat like a 5-year-old,” the singer told Newsday.

Her upbringing shaped her sound and lyrics.

Martinez says her dad’s love for music exposed her to everything from The Beatles to The Notorious B.I.G. Her lyrics are a reflection of a complicated childhood and her struggles in high school.

She’s also got an eye for photography.

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#35mm 💝

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Melanie might not be the queen of selfies, but she has turned her passion for photography into a part-time profession. In 9th grade she was paid do some portraits and conceptual work. Later on she was hired as a wedding photographer. She is art all around.

Two years ago, she began spreading her message across the country.

In 2013, Martinez announced her Dollhouse tour and took her music – along with lots of teddy bears, ice cream cones and cupcakes – to major cities in the US. Along with songs from her EP, Martinez showed off her chops by performing covers of songs like “Drunk in Love” by Beyoncé.

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And then she went even more dark.

In 2014, Melanie released her second video, “Carousel” a visual mix of innocence and darkness showed she was venturing beyond the “pop” label. It only made sense that the song was featured in a preview for FX’s miniseries, American Horror Story: Freak Show.

Martinez knows what it’s like to party alone.

Two months after tuning 20, Melanie celebrated her birthday “alone” with the release of “Pity Party,” a song about that pit that forms in your stomach when no one show up to your party.

She’ll shed a few tears on her new album.

Martinez’s debut album is titled Cry Baby, and true to form, she’s got song titles like “Sippy Cup,” “Milk and Cookies,” and “Training Wheels.”

Can’t see her live? No llores.

Martinez’s Cry Baby tour is scheduled to start August 26 in Charlotte, NC and will stop in 31 + cities across the US and Canada. If you dig Melanie but won’t be able to make it to any of her concerts (or even if you are) you can always get your hands on the Cry Baby’s necklaces, t-shits and CDs on pre-order now.

What do you think about Melanie Martinez’s look and sound? mitú wants to know. Leave a comment below.  

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