Guess Which Law Enforcement Union Just Gave Donald Trump An Endorsement

What do no-longer-relevant actor Scott Baio and the largest Border Patrol union local in the country have in common? They both endorse Donald Trump.

Local 2544 just basically pledged it’s support to Trump…that’s f*cking scary.

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So you’re in the know, Local 2544 is part of the National Border Patrol Council [NBPC].

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According to the Washington Examiner, the NBPC represents 18,000 Border Patrol agents. In other words, they shouldn’t be endorsing any candidate.

And, even though they should be bi-partisan, Art del Cueto, the union’s president, decided to write a blog post that is very pro-Trump. 

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A little extra tidbit on Local 2544, it’s very anti-immigrant. 

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The local representing the highest number of Border Patrol agents is very decidedly against immigrants and it uses its social media and blog to express these views.

It spreads Trump’s rhetoric on Mexican’s being “criminals.”

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Never mind the fact that the relationship between undocumented immigrants and high crime rates has been ruled a myth by just about every credible source out there.

Local 2544 is also very much anti-Obama.

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Despite the fact that Obama has earned the nickname of Deporter-in-chief and that he’s deported more people than George W. Bush and Bill Clinton, Local 2544 thinks the president isn’t doing enough.

And Local 2544 doesn’t think that trust-building initiatives are a good thing.

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Not only does the pro-Trump, Border Patrol local hate immigrants, but they’re also not a fan of… kites? That’s according to a March 9 tweet blasting the South Texas Sector of the Border Patrol, who, in an effort to build trust and bridges between themselves and the community they serve, participated in a recent kite festival held by the city of Laredo, Tex. According to the Del Cueto & Co., this was a waste of time and resources.

Note, Local 2544’s views of these types of activities are not in line with the actual U.S. Border Patrol agency.

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According to the Border Patrol Strategic Plan, released in 2012, community outreach is one of the agency’s most important missions.

We reached out to Local 2544 for comment, but our requests were not returned.

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