Graffiti Artist Completes Inspiring Mural in Oakland, CA


Sometimes You Gotta “Try It”

Graffiti artist, Jessica Sabogal, faced her biggest fear — a GIANT wall waiting to be painted with her art.

“I always worked really small and in my studio and sort of alone,” she said in GoPro’s Be a Hero series. “So getting stuff out there on a really big scale was unimaginable and terrifying and scary so I never did it.”

After she took the plunge, she decided to take the project one step to prove graffiti art does not have to be a male-centric art form.

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“I put out a volunteer call and the majority of them ended up being young women,” she said. “So in addition to them being armed with the tools to spray paint and and stencils. They were also taught how to take an idea and how to project that onto a 8-foot scale.”

The mural that was completed by many women delivered Sabogal’s final message: “This next generation, they are the ones we’ve been waiting for. They are the ones that are going to fix the mess we’ve created.”

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The Shady Things Mom Said Really Was For Our Own Good


The Shady Things Mom Said Really Was For Our Own Good

Credit: illurninasty / Tumblr

She was right, lo decía por nuestro bien. Like when she said…

Por eso no tienes novio.

Credit: Televisa

That was always her way of telling you you needed to improve certain areas of your life. Ok, maybe all.

No sabes hervir ni el agua.

Credit: gifs-for-the-masses / Tumblr

That was her way of saying she wanted to spend more time together in the kitchen. Tough love.

Pero sigue comiendo tus mugreritos.

Credit: lifeistoshortsotalkfast / Tumblr

After realizing you had the freshmen 15. Immediately you started eating healthier ?.

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Con esos tacones pareces Bambi aprendiendo a caminar.

Credit: Bambi / Disney / eclecticpandas / Tumblr

You probably would’ve broken an ankle had you gone to the club in 6 inch heels. All good, you dance better in flats anyway.

When she told you you shouldn’t have that second taco.

Credit: waters-in-my-lungs / Tumblr

Ok, rude. But she was right.

When she said, “no me gusta tu amiguita.”

Credit: @fuckjerry / Instagram

Because she knew that amiguita was shady and didn’t want us to turn out that way.

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Those jeans make you look like a tamal.

Credit: @terror_fashion / Instagram

Maybe it was the worst fashion choice of your teen years. Glad she talked you out of it.

Or any other time she didn’t let you show skin.

Credit: @puro_jajaja / Instagram

This turned you into the classy lady you are today.

When she said she didn’t really like your man.

Credit: martintgp / Tumblr

You had no idea what you were thinking and wish you wouldn’t have wasted three years of your life.

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When she called your friends convenencieras.

Credit: Glee / Fox / moodyredhead / Tumblr

 She convinced you they weren’t your friends because of your sparkling personality, but because you had a car.

She even stopped you when you tried dressing like the Rebelde girls.

Credit: Televisa

Can you imagine the looks you would’ve gotten when you got to class wearing a tiny plaid skirt? Thanks, mom.

When she told you you’d look like a guera oxigenada if you bleached your hair.

Credit: @beritjansenhair / Instagram

Twenty treatments later you now wish you would’ve listened to her. #PelosDeEscoba

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