Graffiti Artist Completes Inspiring Mural in Oakland, CA


Sometimes You Gotta “Try It”

Graffiti artist, Jessica Sabogal, faced her biggest fear — a GIANT wall waiting to be painted with her art.

“I always worked really small and in my studio and sort of alone,” she said in GoPro’s Be a Hero series. “So getting stuff out there on a really big scale was unimaginable and terrifying and scary so I never did it.”

After she took the plunge, she decided to take the project one step to prove graffiti art does not have to be a male-centric art form.

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“I put out a volunteer call and the majority of them ended up being young women,” she said. “So in addition to them being armed with the tools to spray paint and and stencils. They were also taught how to take an idea and how to project that onto a 8-foot scale.”

The mural that was completed by many women delivered Sabogal’s final message: “This next generation, they are the ones we’ve been waiting for. They are the ones that are going to fix the mess we’ve created.”

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