GQ Dubbed A Selena Gomez Interview With Pee Wee Herman’s And It’s Weird AF

This is so weird in the best way.

GQ just upped the weird-interview game by dubbing over Selena Gomez’s voice with the voice of… Pee Wee Herman. No, this isn’t some random fan video where they took an original and dubbed the voice for fun. GQ made the decision to have the singer’s voice disguised behind one of America’s most beloved and quirky characters. It’s like DubSmash, but on a whole other level, y’all. It’s already odd that the interview with Instagram’s most followed celebrity is taking place in a field in the middle of Texas (well, maybe that’s not so weird), but gets even stranger when she opens her mouth, and you hear the voice of a middle-aged white man with an eccentric and exaggerated accent. No matter how many times you watch it, it is still as weird and entrancing as the last.

Once you get used to Pee Wee’s voice, watch as the Latina pop star explains the reasoning behind one of her most iconic Instagram photos, including the one captioned “When they play your song at the club.”

(H/T: GQ)

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