After Seeing Hat Prices, This Mexican Milliner Wanted To Make Them Affordable

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You might not know Gladys Tamez… but you’ve definitely seen her hats. The Mexican-born, L.A.-based hat designer has fitted the heads of several big names in the entertainment industry.

Gladys Tamez is the milliner (hat maker) to the stars.

You’ve seen her hats on Jennifer Lopez…

… Alicia Keys…

… Kylie Jenner…

@kyliejenner in the "Saint Pierre" ?✨| Styled by @monicarosestyle ? @dee_larsen (? @wearetherhoads) #GladysTamezMillinery

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… Kate Del Castillo…

Thanks for the ? @katedelcastillo in the "Libra" ?✨ @olguitasegura ??✨ #Mexican #Mexicano #GTMStudioVisit #HatMaker #TheZodiacCollection

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…and, most famously, Lady Gaga.

“Gaga told me she loves pink,” Tamez told PeopleStyle. “I brought several samples, several designs and we agreed to have one, and then two and then more and more.”

Like, Lady Gaga might be obsessed with Tamez’s hats.

The L.A.-based fashion powerhouse is a proud Mexicana.

Tamez was born and raised in Reynosa, Tamaulipas, Mexico and her home country still holds a very special place in her heart.

“I grew up in and around the ‘fiesta brava’ in Mexico, and that pageantry, drama and regalia had a huge influence on me,” Tamez told Divine Living. “I’m very proud to have just started selling my hats at the boutique LOL Tulum and for all the recognition I’ve gotten in Mexico. Mexico is magic, tragic and yet full of hope and positivity. My homeland and its diverse cultures continue to inspire and inform my designs.”

Tamez has incorporated her love of mysticism in one of her most successful collections: Zodiac.

"Zodiac Collection" This Collection was inspired by the Zodiac. The 12 Zodiac symbols are derived from the suns travels through the constellations. Each hats design is derived by the characteristics represented by each Zodiac and how astrological and cosmological complexity is matched only by the inner life of sentient life on earth. The 12 designs are symbols of our primal nature and the universal desires of health, fortune and love. The Zodiac speaks to all our loves, hopes, dreams as well as our flaws, quirks and habits both good and bad. With the Zodiac all of us are drawn to and fro like tides by the power of the universe and the inescapable physics of this life on earth. #TheZodiacCollection #GladysTamezMillinery We will be displaying the 12 signs over the next 12 days. There will be 1 winner who follows all 12 days that will win their sign or a sign for a friend at the end. Stay tuned!

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“I’m a mystic; I believe in signs. For two years I’ve been thinking about how to incorporate the zodiac sign in a collection,” Tamez told Racked LA about her Zodiac collection. “Each hat features the lines of a different zodiac sign. I used the zodiac colors, too, but styles also come in black. The collection is doing very well. I’m so happy about that.”

For Tamez, a hat is more than just the latest must-have accessory, it is a physical manifestation of one’s inner being.

“A hat can say everything,” Tamez told Los Angeles Magazine. “A hat can say if you’re fun, if you’re risky, if you are mysterious.  If you have questions about someone, their hat will tell you [the answers].”

But the person wearing the hat also has the power to transform how the hat is perceived.

“I also love to see how people transform and represent a hat,” Tamez told Los Angeles Magazine. “Sometimes, when I create a hat I have a vision of how it should look on a person, but then someone will wear it and transform the hat so beautifully, in ways I wouldn’t have thought of.”

But, most importantly, Tamez wanted to make a hat line that people afford which is evident in her pricing.

Our fall color palette for #FashionIconsCollection

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“After seeing Saint Laurent’s extra-wide brim hat going for $1,400, we wanted to create an iconic collection at a price point that people could afford,” Tamez, who has hats available for less that $300, told Racked LA. “Of course, some of our hats do go up to $3,000, but you’re paying for quality.”

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13 Recipes That Aren't Your Tia's Ponche Recipes

Food & Drink

13 Recipes That Aren’t Your Tia’s Ponche Recipes

Credit: @santopecadoto / Instagram

To get the night started, you can make yourself this ponche sour.

Perfect for those that like whiskey.

Or if you’re a fan of chocolate, this ponche de Nutella is perfect for you.

Ain’t nothing sweeter. ?

To keep it fresh, stick to this watermelon ponche.?

Which has a dash of lemons and apples.

But if you’re trying to spice things up a little, try out this ponche with gin.


Or, a ponche of pumpkin and ginger.

View this post on Instagram

¡Más cremoso imposible! Este 🎄PONCHE DE AUYAMA y JENGIBRE 🎄 está perfecto para compartir y disfrutar entre amigos y familia. ¿Tú con quien lo compartirías? 🙋🙋 INGREDIENTES: 2 Tazas de agua 1 Libra de auyama, pelada 2 Astillas de canela 1 Lonja de jengibre 2 Clavos de olor 2 Latas de Leche Evaporada CARNATION® 315g 1 Lata de Leche Condensada LA LECHERA® 405g 1 Cucharadita de nuez moscada 2 Yemas 1 Taza de ron dorado Preparación: En una olla lleva al fuego las dos tazas de agua con la auyama, la canela, el jengibre, clavos de olor. Dejar hervir hasta que la auyama esté blanda. Retira del fuego, cuela para que retires las especias. Licuar auyama, liquido de la cocción, las latas Leche Evaporada CARNATION®, reserve ¼ taza, la Leche Condensada LA LECHERA®, la sal y nuez-moscada cocina sin dejar de mover hasta que rompa en hervor. Aparte, mezcla las yemas, la leche reservada restante e incorpora a la mezcla de leche, continúa cocinando hasta espesar. Retira del fuego, deja refrescar añade el ron poco a poco, lleva a la nevera, sirve frío. #JacquelinChefRD #Compartelo #Xmas #NavidadEnMiCocina #Navidad2016 #Navidad #YaseSientelaBrisa #Ponche #Navideño #NoEsLoMismoSinCarnation @carnationdominicana

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Check out the ingredients in the description above!

It only gets better with this ponche de pistacho.?

I’ll take one! ?

Check out this ponche of jamaica y caña.

A perfect, delicious combo.??

Or you can mix the jamaica with pomegranate, almonds and pecans.

So many rich flavors. ??

What about a ponche of strawberries…?

Check out how the color of the strawberries changes.

For more sweetness, this pomegranate ponche is a must try.

Especially if you already love eating pomegranates. ❤️

This vibrant ponche de piña must catch your eye.?

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🍍🍹 Si deseas probar algo diferente, preparado con productos naturales y sin gastar dinero de más, deberás prestar atención a la siguiente #receta. Ideal para las épocas de calor y para compartir durante una “escapadita” a la playa o la montaña, el #ponche de #piña se presenta como la #bebida ideal para disfrutar en compañía de familiares y amigos. #Reporte trae para ti una práctica y sencilla receta que puedes preparar en sencillos pasos. Para preparar esta deliciosa y refrescante bebida, deberás tener a la mano lo siguientes ingredientes: 🔘 3 piñas maduras (frescas) 🔘 8 litros de agua 🔘 1 kilogramo de papelón 🔘 Hierbabuena (en cantidad necesaria) Ahora, para prepararlo, deberás: 🔸 Pelar y cortar la piña en trozos medianos. 🔸 Colocar la piña picada junto con la concha en un envase que deberá permanecer en fermentación por espacio de un día. 🔸 En una olla, coloca el papelón y cocina por 30 minutos. 🔸 En una licuadora deberás colocar la concha y la piña picada hasta obtener un jugo. 🔸 Cuela el zumo de la fruta y añádele hierbabuena triturada. 🔸 Sirvela con hielo y ¡disfruta! #SomosMásQueNoticias #Gastronomia #Cocteleria #PineapplePunch #Instashots

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Check out how to make this drink in the description above.

If you want something creamier with leche, this ponche de crema will for sure satisfy your taste buds.

It has flavors of canela and tres leches. ?

And you can never go wrong with the traditional ponche navideño.

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Happy holidays! ?

Enjoy your ponche! ?

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Which type of ponche are you ready to try? Comment and hit the share button below! 

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