Giovani Dos Santos Knows You Don’t Mess With Julio Cesar Chavez

Mexican soccer star Giovani Dos Santos is having a solid season with the L.A. Galaxy this year, (slightly) quieting concerns that he moved to the U.S. for an extended paid vacation. The move did make 27-year-old a big fish in a smaller pond, though, and he’s become one of the faces of the Galaxy.

That means more opportunities to promote the league off the field, and Dos Santos appears to be cool with that, as he shows in a new ESPN Deportes ad that follows the tradition of ESPN’s classic “This Is Sportcenter” ads. We see a mischievous Dos Santos kicking a ball around with Cosmo, the L.A. Galaxy’s mascot, until they run into someone you DO NOT mess with: Mexican boxing legend Julio Cesar Chavez. Game over.

Credit: ESPN Deportes

Anyone who watched Chavez fight in his heyday knows he’s not someone you want to tick off. Even at 54 years old, it looks Chavez still packs a punch.

Dos Santos said it was an honor to meet one of Mexico’s biggest sports icons.

Chavez thanked Gio for representing Mexico with pride. “Gracias un placer conocerte @oficialgio siempre poniendo en alto a nuestro #Mexico,” wrote Chavez on Instagram.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at Gio vs. Chavez:

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