Gina Rodriguez’s Fans Are Asking Marvel To Make Her The Next Miss America Superhero

Is Gina Rodriguez Marvel’s next superhero? The latest bit of chisme from Twitter is that Gina Rodriguez could play Marvel superhero America Chavez, better known as Miss America. The comic book character is a badass Boricua who can fly, has super strength, and is capable of kicking open black holes, which lets her travel through the different dimensions. Did we mention that America Chavez is also openly gay?

A rumor started by Twitter user @winterchildrens sent Gina Rodriguez fans into an excited retweeting spree over the last two weeks.

Credit: @winterchildrens / Twitter

As you can see, the superhero and the TV star definitely have a resemblance. Not to mention anyone could totally see Rodriguez wearing those outfits IRL.

Gina Rodriguez retweeted @winterchildrens’ photo collage and then fans went *really* crazy.

Credit: @HereIsGina / Twitter

That’s a pretty slick way of lobbying for the role. We see you, Gina.

Again, this is in no way verified other than a handful of tweets, but her fans are here for it.

Credit: @nateog / Twitter

Like, super here for it.

Credit: @AlmaAldanNunez / Twitter

Why is everyone so excited? Because Marvel has a pretty good track record of bringing comic book characters to life on the big screen. They did a kick-ass job with Black Panther, so there are lots of Miss America fans hoping they can do the same with a Latina superhero.

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