Gina Rodriguez: “I Slay, OK? Like, Slaaaaaayyy!”


We don’t have to tell Gina Rodriguez that she’s kicking a$$ because she knows it!

On a new episode of “I Yahoo’d Myself,” the actress told it like it is, “If we want to talk about real life, I slay, OK? Like, slaaaaaayyy!”

Rodriguez was talking about the difficulties of fitting into Hollywood norms with host Joe Zee. “It was going to be very difficult for me to fit into Hollywood’s perception of what an ingenue is or a leading lady.” But, IRL, Rodriguez sees herself as a damn good leading lady.

The two also gabbed about inner beauty, lingerie and makeup. “The idea of makeup and hair is to just enhance our inner beauty not hide or deny that what we already begin with, our palette that we begin with is not freaking awesome.”

While Rodriguez admits she’s not a sample size, she confesses she’s not immune to the pressures of the industry, “…Of course I’ve fallen into the culture. One hundred percent I’ve fallen into the culture.” She admits cameras do add 10 pounds, but that’s ok because it’s beautiful, too.

And Rodriguez is a fangirl, just like us. She gushed about her choreographed duet to “Toxic” with Ms. Britney Spears herself and, not-so-secretly, hopes Prince Royces will come on the show to sing…or maybe be a new love interest. ?

Watch Gina’s entire interview here.

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Lindsey Graham Just Confirmed Every Immigrant's Nightmare About Trump On "The Daily Show"


Lindsey Graham Just Confirmed Every Immigrant’s Nightmare About Trump On “The Daily Show”

“If Trump wins your days are numbered, pal!”

Lindsey Graham, South Carolina Senator and former presidential hopeful who never really had a chance, went on “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah” to talk about his Ted Cruz endorsement. Yes, Graham, who at one point boasted that you could murder Ted Cruz and get away with it (it’s in the video), is endorsing the Canadian-born Texas Senator because it’s an easier, bitter pill to swallow than if Donald Trump wins.

The whole interview is well worth your time, but the most jarring/eye-opening portion of the interview was Graham warning Noah, an immigrant from South Africa, in that joking-but-no-seriously manner that if Trump wins, he should pack his bags. For all intents and purposes, Graham’s warning should apply to the more than 41.3 million immigrants in this country (11.5 million of which are undocumented).

That Graham would say this on national television is quite sobering and, in some weird way, kind of funny because the South Carolina Senator is talking with the candidness of a person who’s drunk and went to the ATM and saw that he had a balance of zero f*cks.

So there you have it, folks. When a Republican from South Carolina says that you should be scared of someone from his own party, you should take that advice at face value.

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