Gina Rodriguez Talks To Conan About Learning To Box From Her Father

Credit: Team Coco / YouTube

“I wouldn’t fight me.”

“Jane the Virgin” star Gina Rodriguez is EVERYWHERE. She recently stopped by “Conan” to talk about her growing fame – she was recognized in Macau, China of all places – and how she’s dealing with it. Rodriguez also revealed that she’s had plenty experience with virgins – she dated one long before she was cast as Jane. Rodriguez also talked about learning to box from her father, a well-known boxing referee.

“I wouldn’t fight me,” said Rodriguez confidently before sizing up Conan as a potential opponent. “He’s got height on me… he’s got height, he’s got reach,” said Rodriguez to O’Brien, who is 6’5″.

O’Brien disagreed: “You would clean my clock so quickly!”

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