does Gina Rodriguez Speak Spanish? Well, here is the answer


Alright guys, can we all just agree to stop saying that Gina Rodriguez is “not Latina enough”? Homegirl is second generation Puerto Rican and was raised — because her parents believed it would help her avoid being bullied — with English as her first language. So when she tries to speak Spanish on her show Jane the Virgin, we have to give her a break.

In an interview with HuffPost Latino Voices, she responds to all the haters on social media. “I’m going to be reprimanded by a culture that I’m supposed to support and is supposed to support me because of the way I was raised?,” she says. “That is too limiting. That is unfair.” Agreed.

Then, ever-so-boldly, she put the final touch on her response: “I am as Latina as they come. And I am not defined by anybody’s definition of Latina. I don’t actually sit in a definition. I walk in my world, happily and confidently.”


Watch the entire interview here.

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