Gina Rodriguez Reveals Her Secrets in “C’est Jane”

CREDIT: Jason Silva / Vimeo

Jane the Assassin

It’s Jane – no, not that Jane. We all know Latina powerhouse Gina Rodriguez as the enchanting personality behind Jane Villanueva in The CW’s Jane the Virgin…but for just a few minutes she is trying out another Jane role for size.

In Jason O. Silva’s new short film, C’est Jane, Gina stars as a lethal assassin who showcases a glimmer of her “melancholy self”.

“I wanted to take the trope of a dangerous female agent and peel back the elements of convention,” says Silva in the Nylon magazine exclusive. “In this character portrait of Jane, we are forced to experience the simple parts that make the whole.”

Check out the trailer above to see Gina — ahem — Jane the Assassin in action.

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Proof that Pope Francis is Flyer than Your Favorite Rapper


Proof that Pope Francis is Flyer than Your Favorite Rapper

Pope Francis is making it cool to be Catholic again, not only because he’s less uptight than other Catholic leaders, but because he’s practically a hip hop star, because…

That Pimp Cup, Obviously

Pimp Cup
Credit: Getty Images

And all of that cold in his ring and cope.

He’s Got More Chains Than 2 Chainz

2 Chains
Credit: Getty Images

2 Chainz may be flaunting all of them at once, but don’t doubt Papa Francisco has a whole collection of bling in his room.

He Started From the Bottom, Now He’s Up Here

Started From Bottom
Credit: Getty Images

During his humble beginnings Pope Francis worked cleaning floors and as a bouncer at a club – check him out now, standing on top of the Vatican. Sorry, Drizzy.

He’s Currently on World Tour

World Tour
Credit: Getty Images

…And visiting the most exclusive places that some rappers haven’t even been to.

His Girls are Loyal

Credit: Getty Images

Just look at that smile.

He Knows How to Brush Off those Haters

Dirt Shoulders
Credit: Getty Images / Roc-A-Fella Records

Think he learned that from Jigga?

He’s a Huge Sports Fan

Credit: Getty Images

From Maradona to Messi and everyone in between.

His Squad Rolls Deep

Squad Goals
Credit: Getty Images / Interscope Records

And he’s probably got more followers IRL than your favorite rapper.

His Cap Game’s on Point

Credit: Getty Images

Sometimes less is more.

He’s Got a Fat Crib that Can’t Compare

Credit: Getty Images

Someone get his holiness his own episode of MTV Cribs.

His Whip Game is Out of Control

Credit: Getty Images / Rhino/Elektra Records

…And He’s Got a Bulletproof One, Too

Credit: Getty Images

Only thing left to figure out is what would be his rapper name.

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